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If there’s something weird in your area who you going to call? No, not Ghostbusters, however that’s close. In real life you ‘d probably call 911, wouldn’t you? Thanks to 911 Operator from Polish indie studio Jutsu Games you can discover exactly what sort of obstacles these brave females and men face every day. 911 Operator has actually now got a release date and it’s this month– February 24, 2017.

911 Operator is a game, a strategy simulator established by Polish studio Jutsu Games, which is a reiteration of a project which won the Indie Showcase competitors held throughout Digital Dragons 2016. In 911 Operator, you end up being a rescue service operator, and your job is to respond to calls from people in risk. The story campaign takes location in 10 cities– you will deal with several obstacles; some of them amusing, some severe, some discouraging.


Throughout the game, you need to provide advice worrying administration of first-aid along with pick the ideal variety of individuals and equipment to send to the scene. A good touch in the game is that you can sometimes receive prank calls, which have actually to be recognized and overlooked.

In 911 Operator players become an operator of a rescue service, dealing with a telephone line. The task is initially of all receiving telephone call from people in threat and helping them. This suggests that the gamers have to, for instance, offer recommendations concerning first-aid, choose the right quantity of teams to dispatch into the scene, in addition, to choose the ideal lorries (trucks, helicopters, various police vehicles, in addition to fire brigades and ambulances).

In some cases, the player can receive a prank call— they have to be disregarded if the player can acknowledge them, obviously. The devs ensured there’s a slew of different situations in the game– sometimes they’re really major, other times they’re uproarious, they can be frustrating also. The story mode takes the player to 10 different cities.


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