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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eerste Screenshots

call of duty BO3

Sommige nuwe screenshots het eintlik arised vir Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, uitbeelding van 'n paar van die verhoogde soldate en robotika die video spel se deel uitmaak van die laer in die komende game.Among die beelde toon 'n heeltemal gepantserde soldaat met 'n futuristiese soek handwapen met 'n rooi laser oë op dit. Dit is 'n alternatiewe siening van 'n ander soortgelyke beeld met 'n totaal gepantserde soldaat met 'n pistool wat 'n laser oë het op dit– 'n beeld wat was regtig deel van die groot openbaar sleepwa vir Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

2 ander beelde bied spelers 'n blik op sommige van die wapens wat hulle in staat sal wees om te kommandeer, insluitend 'n vragmotor gemonteer, smart-lanseerder. It’s essentially an automatic rocket launcher that has a feed of rockets connected to it on the side. While a weapon like this would generally be thought about raw fantasy, the truth is that within the boundaries of the world created for Black Ops 3 players are making use of bionic upgrades and sporting increased limbs. As shown in the one shot, the player-character has actually the modified arms to wield the auto-rocket with little to no issues.

What’s fascinating is that the second image showcasing the mounted rocket launcher is that it appears as if players may get a trip in the back while blasting things down with the weapon. Exactly what would be really cool is if Black Ops 3 offered gamers the chance to utilize the weapon and the truck in the multiplayer mode. Natuurlik, vehicles in multiplayer is a tall order that hasn’t truly been very present in Call of Duty video games with the exception of some drone controls, tactical strikes or the minimal usage of mechs in Call of Duty: Gevorderde oorlogvoering.

Mentioning mechs, we get to see the hulking, armored devices in action. The one screenshot shows among the mammoth war-machineskindly described as a quad-tankfiring off one of its numerous rocket cases during the middle of the fight, all while a soldier holding what looks like a customized, futuristic Kalashnikov looks off into the range as dust, fire and smoke blacken the sky.

I do wonder if the mechs will go down to normal arms fire or if they can only be ruined with high-powered rifles and explosives? Considering that players would have to use group work to get in close to take down the huge mechanical beasts if it’s the latter then that could be very fascinating.

Another shot reveals an augmented soldier holding exactly what looks like two melee weapons, one in each hand. He’s just hanging out in a hangar where a mech sits in the back.The basic style of the screenshots appears to be super-soldiers and mechs. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is due for release this fall for PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.


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