Battlefield 4 Weapons Unlocker v1.7

unlock battlefield 4 weapons

Enhance your Battlefield 4 experience to the MAX!!
You are just a few clicks away from unlocking all weapons in Battlefield 4 game.. All of this free of charge with our greatest tool – The Battlefield 4 Weapons Unlocker….Well check out this Battlefield 4 Weapons Unlocker that was leaked directly from a EA/DICE Employee! This Battlefield 4 Weapons Unlocker uses a backdoor that was secretly installed before the employee in question had quit! This Battlefield 4 Weapon Unlocker is updated everyday, and the exploit is constantly being maintained for security!This Battlefield 4 Weapons Unlocker v1.7 program works on Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista and Macintosh…

How to unlock all Battlefield 4 Weapons

Newest method which will bring you all weapons without having to spend a lot your time of playing multiplayer. Yeah, all Battlefield 4 weapons unlocked with just one click…Please ensure that you have .net Framework 4.5 installed…

Will This Be Safe For Your Account?

Definitely yes, because the weapons are authentic. Origin Battlelog will have no idea that the weapons unlocked with just one click…

Battlefield 4 Weapons Unlocker Screenshot

battlefield 4 weapons

battlefield 4 all weapons

Video Tutorial

[hdwplayer id=10]

Unlocked Weapons Proof

[hdwplayer id=11]

As you can see in our tutorial video it’s pretty easy to unlock all Battlefield 4 Weapons. All that you need to do to get all weapons is to download program “Battlefield 4 Weapons Unlocker 2014” and run it.Unlocking are available for all platforms: PC Windows , Xbox360 , PlayStation 4 , Xbox ONE and PlayStation 3 …

Download Instructions:

We upload Battlefield 4 Weapons Unlocker v1.7 to ( to be long as possible online and available for download..


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  • Guns  says:

    All weapons unlocked 😀 Thanks for this tool, fast and easy !

    • Infod  says:

      Thanks for this tool, working awesome 😉

  • Hay Day Cheats  says:

    wow thats great


  • secomp  says:

    awesome tool,working good

  • Tin  says:

    Nice software,thanks

  • Pro Sniper  says:

    Unlocked all 😉 Thanks

  • John  says:

    Thanks for this,..I bought a brand new hp computer over a month ago. Is turning it off every night bad for the computer or should the computer be left on 24-7. I have heard both ways. Any computer techs answers would be appreciated..

  • moonfighter  says:

    can i put it back to default,after?????

    • admin  says:


  • atomic_HD  says:

    Does it unlock the DLC weapons?

    • admin  says:


  • hi  says:

    thanks for share this awesome tool

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