Hitman-E3 2015 Gameplay-Trailer tötet auf der ganzen Welt

new hitman game

Die Video-Spiele, die IO Interactive und Square Enix zur Welt bei Square Enixs E3-Pressekonferenz beschworenen gehörte der neuen und verbesserten Schütze. Das Spiel machte ebenfalls eine kurze Präsenz während Sonys E3-Konferenz für die PS4. Der Trailer kommt dank GamesHQ Medien und konzentriert sich auf die Neuverfilmung von Hitman als diese Art der schrittweisen Aufgabe, die mit der Zeit mit neuen Orten entwickelt, Hits und material. Überprüfen Sie es heraus unten aufgeführt.

Es ist sinnvoll, dass IO Interactive ein Retake auf Hitman tun würde, anstatt eine direkte Fortsetzung Absolution. Des Video-Spiels “Geschichte” was getting kind of long in the tooth and a little absurd. Agent 47 was becoming more of the focus as a character instead of the hits themselves, and it felt like a lot of the identity of exactly what made Hitman games enjoyable in the first location was being replaced with something more absorbable as a Hollywood-style AAA smash hit.

Among things that made the initial Hitman: Codename 47 so good is that while Agent 47’s identity made up a little part of the story the focus was more-so on the hits themselves. In this most recent handle the popular stealth-action title it appears as if IO Interactive is going back to the fundamentals and concentrating on the hits, the setups, the weapons and the environments as opposed to attempting to weave a complex story into the gameplay, which ended up being a hit and miss affair.



This latest Hitman video game appears to have an unique strategy to its design insofar that some hits are time-based. So you’ll have a limited quantity of time to track down and kill a target before they vanish off the grid. The description of the video game from IO during the Square Enix conference meant the game being a sort of multiplayer collaboration video game set in a single-player universe. So players can share data and details but the hits themselves are still going to be single-player ventures. Comparing devices, approach, searching strategies and more seem like a neat idea.

As the video above showcases, the game will still enable players to scale their weapon cache and unlock brand-new methods to finish hits. It was discussed during the PC Gaming Show E3 conference that the environments will still be open-world and players will certainly be able to assault hits in anyhow they please, much like in previous Hitman games. Natürlich, depending on how you offer out the hit might have additional repercussions.

The developers are supposedly truly intending on providing gamers as many alternatives as possible. They’ll also have it setup where you can develop and develop your very own hits and share them with buddies as a sort of Hitman performance of Halo’s Forge.

The video game will certainly remain to get brand-new missions, brand-new hits, new weapons and brand-new material. The video game is set for release on December 8th for the Xbox One, PS4 und PC.

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