NBA 2K 17 Review


NBA 2K 17 ist erfolgreich, indem Sie auf einen Bereich auf der Rückwand die meisten anderen Sportspielen Video nicht aufspringen und erreichen. Selbst wenn es fühlt sich auch düstere oder auf eine Aktion, Es liefert vielfältige Möglichkeiten und einzigartigen Minuten Basketball Gameplay Glückseligkeit, die schwer zu oben.

Da es mich extrem als ein NBA reizt-fan, die NBA 2K Serie als Gesamtwerk für mich. Es ist ein Videospiel, das erinnert an die Athleten, nutzt die Freude an einer Grosszeit dunk, und erlaubt mir, anpassen, die auf dem Platz sein wollen. Oft bekomme ich nervös durch einen fließenden Pass oder kippte von einem Spieler wie Kevin Durant oder Andrew Wiggins suchen viel zu dünn, aber dann werde ich ein tiefes schlagen 3 mit Steph Curry, das macht die Fans in Oracle Arena ausrasten und all-in-bin ich wieder.

The same principle applies to almost every element of NBA 2K17. I’m not in love with the grind of MyCareer mode, jedoch, a number of alternatives at my disposal in MyGM indicate I do not care if I invest one more minute in MyCareer. On the court, some clever brand-new tweaks let you get an extra increase to the accuracy of your dive shots by pulling directly down on the right stick, jedoch, you can also just push theshootbutton if that does not feel comfortable. Außerdem, you can now utilize the best stay with choosing more different steal efforts, or you can just continue to press the take button. Noch einmal, it’s all about choices and NBA 2K17 offers plenty of them.

screenshot from the nba 2k17 video game

Allen Iverson’s current induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame feels all too best, as NBA 2K17’s concentrate on chaining together crossovers and spins looks like an homage to the signature style of its former longtime cover athlete. In previous NBA 2K games I frequently felt stuck in animations and not in control at all times, however now it’s a lot easier to string together dribbling maneuvers and created a sequence that can leave defenders behind. This same kind of flow rollovers to shooting, where for the very first time it feels like I have a capability to pull up off the dribble and truly play in the area in between the three-point line and the paint.

This idea of speed and space is necessary for an NBA computer game. The included location produces more special opportunities to score, and that leads to things like more innovative death, more fouls, and more rushing on defense. The loopy passing that crops up here and there is especially frustrating because it disrupts some opportunities to truly zip the ball around the perimeter to the open man for an open jump shot. The same can be stated for some AI players still not running the ideal lanes during a fast break.

NBA 2K17 is another rock-solid game in the franchise. It includes worthwhile updates to the dribbling and shooting mechanics, and supports those improvements off the court in ways that make me appreciate handling my group. All in all, I understand NBA 2K17 will remain in my video gaming rotation for numerous months to come.

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