Dieses besondere Buch geht es darum, Essen gut kurz nach Gewicht-Verlust-Chirurgie. (Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach Informationen über die Arten der Chirurgie zugänglich, Schauen Sie sich Gewicht-Verlust-Chirurgie für Dummies.) Am Anfang dieses Buches wir gehen Sie durch die vier Phasen Ihrer postsurgery Ernährung und bieten viele Ratschläge über das Leben mit und Pflege für Ihre neue Tasche.

Weil das Leben nach Gewicht-Verlust-Chirurgie ist eine kontinuierliche Reise, die meisten des Buches konzentrieren wir uns auf was zu tun, wenn man essen kann “richtiges Essen” wieder. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie planen, Shop für, und Kochen leckere und gesunde Mahlzeiten, die Sie und Ihre Familie lieben werden. Sie erhalten Kochen Anleitung von Küchenchef David Fouts, bekannt als der weltweit führende Küche Experte für Gewicht-Verlust-Chirurgie.

HINWEIS: dummyknow team present briefly this cookbook and you will find only short recipes and iformations..Download full version of Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook from the link on the end, and find out much more detailed recipes and how to eat right after weight loss surgery!

He is also a weight loss surgery patient, so you know the recipes and cooking advice come from someone who understands what gastric bypass patients go through. You find a compilation of imaginative, inventive recipes to suit every palate, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of people who have had weight loss surgery and people just wanting to eat healthier.

With this book you can stay informed of what you’re eating, each recipe lists the stage of the postsurgery diet it can safely be tried, the serving size, and the nutritional information. You can eat with confidence, knowing you’re eating healthfully, helping manage your weight, and maintaining your overall well being.


If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve made the very important decision to improve your health by having weight loss surgery. You most likely made this choice after years of struggling to live a healthier lifestyle by trying other methods to lose weight.

Book Contents (Cheat Sheet)

You probably spent countless hours researching procedures on the Internet, reading books, interviewing doctors, talking to weight loss surgery patients, and speaking with other healthcare professionals, putting in the necessary time and effort to make sure this procedure was the right decision for you.

Now is the time to use good nutrition to maximize not only your weight loss, but also your health, vitality, and renewed sense of well being. Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook For Dummies is an invaluable resource as you embark on this new chapter of your lifeyour weight loss journeyand we wish you all the success in the world.

Eating Right with Every Bite

woman bite food with forksGet step-by-step dietary guidelines for the transition from clear liquids to solid foods, starting with day one after surgery. Find out about portion sizes, your new nutritional requirements, and the benefits of meal planning. See what you need for a well-stocked fridge, freezer, and cupboards. Get tips on caring for fresh and raw foods, cooking methods, choosing the right temperature, and measuring common ingredients.

In order to make the most of your surgery, you need to change your lifestyle after you have your procedure. This doesn’t have to be a chore – tatsächlich, when you see how good you feel when you give your body all the nutrients it needs, you’ll want to continue doing it.

Establishing new eating and exercise habits is an essential part of achieving and maintaining a healthier weight. Each patient is expected to change the foods eaten, the amount of food eaten, and how that food is eaten, in order to provide the body with the nutrition it needs and to promote weight loss. These dietary changes and nutritional guidelines are meant to be followed for the rest of your life.

Weight Loss Surgery Lifestyle

A weight loss surgery lifestyle includes planning and preparing small, high-protein meals, chewing every bite thoroughly, exercising, keeping a diet and exercise diary, und mehr. Your bariatric team will provide nutrition and fitness guidance and help you develop plans that will work best for you. When it comes to food, different people have different tastes and schedules.

5 womans from the thickest to thinnest

Listen to your body and your surgeon’s directions, and call your bariatric team if you have a question about your specific situation. Are you frightened of the kitchen? The amazing thing about cooking is that you can make it as easy or difficult as you want. We show you how to organize your kitchen like a pro and guide you through the shopping aisles.

You find out the best way to prepare and cook your meals, über 150 healty and satisfying recipes. This book will also assist you in understanding nutrition and your food intake so that you can maintain your weight long after surgery. We think you’ll find you have more energy and just feel better in general.

Understanding the Bariatric Surgery Diet

The diet after weight loss surgery gradually progresses from liquids to purées to solid foods. Because the size of your stomach is effectively reduced to about the size of 1 cup or less, your meals are smaller. You have to eat more frequently throughout the day, and you need to make sure you chew your food slowly and thoroughly, so it doesn’t become stuck and so it’s properly digested.

You need more time to eat than you used to, but you’ll notice you feel fuller with less food. You eat and absorb fewer nutrients than you did before surgery, so to prevent deficiencies, you need to commit to a regimen of vitamin supplements for the rest of your life. After surgery, your pouch is swollen and your diet has to progress gradually from clear liquids to solid food to prevent discomfort and the premature stretching of your pouch.

Drinking enough water at the right time

Water is important because it flushes toxins from your liver and kidneys, regulates body temperature, and reduces the risk of many cancers. It also helps with digestion, lubricates your joints, allows you to use glycogen in your muscles, which provides you with energy, and helps eliminate hunger by taking up space in your pouch.

one bottle of water and apple

Prior to surgery you received a great deal of water from the foods you ate. After surgery you don’t have the same capacity to eat, which is why many post-op patients are prone to dehydration.You need to ensure you’re drinking enough water. Jedoch, you also need to avoid eating and drinking at the same time because your new pouch is too small to allow both liquid and solid foods.

Why You Should Download this Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook

With this awesome book you can learn to how to keep weight after surgery, know which foods to eat and which foods to avoid, also learn 150 healthy recipes.This guide is excellent, all the recipes are explained in detail, we recommend to download this book!

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This book is dedicated to all who are or have been afflicted with the disease of severe obesity. To those who have tried to diet and failed time and time again. To those who provide support, guidance, and motivation for all to continue on this journey for a healthier and happier life.

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