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Since the early ’80s, Yohji Yamamoto’s groundbreaking silhouettes and innovative design aesthetic have propelled him to the highest rank of the international avant-garde. Distinguished by his anti-fashion approach, Yamamoto changed the face of contemporary fashion, radically transforming it with asymmetrical and highly conceptual designs partly inspired by the techniques of traditional Japanese kimonos. His vision came as a refreshing contrast to the power suits and brightly clad fashions of the time, forcing a reconsideration of the future direction of fashion. In YAMAMOTO & YOHJI, this luxuriously bound book explores all the major themes in his forty years of counter-fashion design showing for the very first time his work not only on the Yamamoto brands but as well on his brand Y’s and these various collaborations in architecture, movies, plays, literature..

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Illustrated with photographs by Craig McDean, Inez & Vinoodh, Max Vadukul and Nick Knight, each chapter elaborates on a particular theme—his sartorial philosophy, influential extensions into scenography, runway shows, monographic exhibitions, and costume design—and is anchored by an essay or interview that lends crucial insight to the story of Yohji Yamamoto, one of the most enigmatic and iconoclastic fashion designers of our time..

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Wim Wenders is a filmmaker, playwright, author, and photographer. Jean Nouvel is a French architect. Charlotte Rampling is an English actress. Takeshi Kitano is a filmmaker, singer, actor, screenwriter, author, poet, painter, and video game designer.Wenders was born in Düsseldorf into a traditional Catholic family. His father, Heinrich Wenders, was a surgeon. Use of the Dutch name, “Wim”, a shortened version of the baptismal name “Wilhelm/Willem”, reflected his mother’s Dutch provenance, but the Dutch version was rejected by the civil registration authorities in 1945 as “un-German”..

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Wenders began his career during the New German Cinema era of the late 1960s, making his feature directorial debut with Summer in the City (1970). Much of the distinctive cinematography in his movies is the result of a highly productive long-term collaboration with Dutch cinematographer Robby Müller. Some of his more successful and critically acclaimed movies, Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire, for example, have been the result of fruitful collaborations with avant-garde authors Peter Handke and Sam Shepard. Handke’s novel, The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick was adapted for Wenders’ second feature film, The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty. Handke co-wrote the script for Wings of Desire and Until the End of the World, both featuring Solveig Dommartin.


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