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About Highschool Romance Steam Game

Highschool Romance is a visual novel set in a vaguely Japanese highschool where you play as a guy who has to pretend to be a girl. Of course romance messes things up, there are girls with very different characters interested in her/him, who will Shoji go for.?

The game has a very pretty art style, much more in line with western animation than with bog standard anime as is usually seen in VNs. Most of the story is simply told through text with static backgrounds and non-animated big character sprites, but there are also several bigger events with full-screen animated scenes that advance the story.

There is no voiced dialogue, everything is done through text. The game has a very relaxing musical score throughout instead.The story strays away from most of the clichés this scenario brings and while still somewhat implausible over the whole situation, I felt everyone reacted pretty naturally to everything. Definitely no cringeworthy illogic in here.

About Highschool Romance Update 1.1

This update also corrects the CG gallery error that has been noted a few times, where the gallery is unlocked from the start, this update should fix that for all new players so they can unlock the gallery normally. It may however not fix it for existing players, or it may remove all currently unlocked images, requiring a replay. Sorry to those it affects.

Last but not least we did a few more revisions within the game itself, edited some more of the dialogue and made some adjustments to the story in places, this again could on a very small minority cause an error to occur when you load a save game. If this occurs try an earlier save point and carry on. We have tried to mitigate this as much as possible.


OS: Windows XP
Prosessori: 1.66 Ghz
Muisti: 500 Mt RAM
Grafiikka: DirectX yhteensopiva kortti
Varastointi: 1 Gt vapaata kiintolevytilaa


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