Final Fantasy IV: After Years Finally Available On Steam

For fans of the timeless RPG, Final Fantasy IV, you’ll be delighted to understand that the direct follow up, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, is now available on Steam. Prepare for some traditional questing on your PC. There will certainly be chocobos.A lot of folks aren’t even knowledgeable about that Square Enix made a follow-up to among the very first games in the Final Fantasy series, mainly due to the fact that its a decently recent video game. While FFIV initially hit the marketplace way back in 1991, The After Years didn’t come around till 2008, initially releasing as a mobile video game in Japan and ultimately making its way West.

It’s been a long period of time coming, but The After Years has actually lastly made its method (legally) to PC, available beginning today on Steam for $15.99. You can likewise get hold of a package including both the initial game and this more recent follow-up for $22.99.



In today’s statement, Square Enix mentions that this PC version of The After Years has actually undergone a 3D remodeling, including a new opening motion picture and Steam Accomplishments for excellent step. For fans of the initial video game who have not yet gotten their hands on this follow up, you can anticipate the story to pick up nearly twenty years following the occasions of Final Fantasy IV, capturing up with cherished characters from the original while concurrently presenting a brand new cast.

“The kid born of King Cecil and Queen Rosa of Baron has actually turned into a boy,” checks out the official statement. “Prince Ceodore has gotten in the airship fleet known as the Red Wings, excited to meet the desires required of his blood and station.”.

For Ceodore, a brand-new moon has actually appeared in the night sky, bringing with it a horde of monsters and bad guys aplenty. It looks like Ceodore will certainly need to measure up to his papa’s tradition in this new experience, as the world is, of course, when again in requirement of saving.

The After Years boasts 10 playable stories to resolve, along with the now-popular active time battle system. That’s the exact same system that’s popped up in more recent games like Final Fantasy: Record Keeper for mobile.

The phase of the moon will certainly have an influence on fights, as will certainly your capability to band party members’ abilities together to produce more powerful attacks.

If you’re looking for some timeless RPG gameplay with a few more modern twists, you can get FFIV: The After Years starting today. Otherwise, it’s not like anybody’s precisely harming for new Final Fantasy material. Type-0 introduced just recently, which also came with the special playable demonstration for upcoming Final Fantasy XIV. Yet another HD-ified version of Final Fantasy X and X-2 introduced today, with a significant expansion for Final Fantasy XIV anticipated next month. Yep, it’s a hectic time to be a Final Fantasy fan.


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