Fix,Clean,Repair & Speed Your PC 2014

Fix, Clean, Repair & Speed Your PC
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The most common problems with PC can be varied causing all kinds of errors. FixCleanRepair was created to be a multi tool. It offers a set of revolutionary tested utilities all in one to fix many of the problems that bring on slow performance, slow start up speeds and other issues. FixCleanRepair is an easy to use utility with a user-friendly interface that puts all the utilities in one place so you can easily click your mouse and do many different tasks at once to fix, clean, and repair your PC.

Fix Clean Repair & Speed Up Your PC in Second 2014

The best part about FixCleanRepair is that it is an all in one utility that not only repairs, but also will check your computer for all kinds of errors, suggest the needed repairs, and then fix all the errors and clean up the mess. All you have to do is follow easy to understand instructions once you have downloaded and installed and then it will be there working to keep your PC in tip-top shape.


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FixCleanRepair Software will clean your registry after searching for any discrepancies that may cause your computer to have errors. FixCleanRepair will also manage all your startup sequences on your computer, which will help prevent overload that makes the computer bootup slow. The best part is you can customize it by hand picking issues you wish to resolve or you can allow FixCleanRepair to do it automatically. FixCleanRepair will rid your computer of programs that cause delays, which will increase your startup speed. FixCleanRepair will back up the state of your registry automatically or make a backup at any time you desire. FixCleanRepair can do such much to ensure your computer is not slow including ridding your computer of junk files, invalid shortcuts, and outdated help files, to name a few.

Clean Malware

All computers are subject to getting malware no matter how well protected your computer may be. FixCleanRepair will clean all malware including Trojan horses, worms, viruses, scareware, spyware, adware, and even spyware so your computer will be free to run faster and better than before. Many times malware is hiding in your PC working behind the scenes slowing down your computer and may even be providing others with your personal information, but with FixCleanRepair, you will not have to worry about these intrusive problems again. Not all malware is dangerous to your personal information but it can be very annoying as it may just pop up ads when you are busy doing other things. FixCleanRepair can ensure these nasty problems are a thing of the past.

Speed Up PC

FixCleanRepair will speed up your PC so you never have to worry about lagging while playing games, researching online, or even chatting with friends. No matter what you are doing online, it makes it terrible when your computer is crawling and taking extra time doing all the tasks you need to do in a short amount of time. With FixCleanRepair, this problem will be a thing of the past. Your PC will be faster than ever and you can enjoy more time having fun instead of waiting for your computer to catch up including lag time while playing games or chatting online.

Registry Cleaner

The registry of your computer is where the configuration settings and options are kept for your operating system. It is the location of such things as the device drivers, kernel, services, and your user interface. The registry can have issues that arise for many different reasons and will need cleaned from time to time. FixCleanRepair will clean the registry with only a click of the mouse to ensure your computer runs smoother and boots up quickly instead of running through old programs and startup programs you no longer wish to use. Once FixCleanRepair has cleaned up your registry, you will notice the huge difference immediately.

Backup & Recover Files

Too many times, we forget to backup our important files, photos, and other data on our computers. This can be devastating if a virus attacks and starts deleting your files which may be gone forever if you did not remember to backup your files. With FixCleanRepair, this will never be a problem again as it will backup your files automatically. If you do have any problems with your computer, FixCleanRepair will even be able to recover files that you may be worried are gone forever. When you use FixCleanRepair, you will be able to backup and recover files quickly and efficiently without any hassles at all.

Junk Files Cleaner

Junk files can be anything from old programs you no longer use, programs you have deleted but remnants are still there. FixCleanRepair will actually clean up all these junk files and manage the ones you use so you can find the ones you need quickly instead of your computer working its way through the junk files to get started or to start any program. All these junk files make your PC work harder by searching for the programs you need when you need them. Once you use FixCleanRepair to clean up these junk files, you will see a huge difference in the way your computer performs as well as the increase in speed.


As you install and uninstall programs, you are leaving blank spots in your disk. When your computer needs to perform a task it has to go through the entire disk even all those blank spots in order to find the programs it needs to perform the various tasks needed. With FixCleanRepair, disk fragment will be easy and all that extra space will no longer be in front but will be moved to the end of the disk. This means all the programs and files needed will be grouped together so you PC will run faster and smoother making your tasks go quickly and effortlessly.

Delete Broken Shortcuts

Broken shortcuts are there once again due to installing and uninstalling programs. These bring on broken shortcuts and your PC has to work harder to find the proper route to do the various tasks you ask. This will make your computer go slower and act bogged down. With FixCleanRepair these broken shortcuts will be deleted which will make the performance of your computer better than ever. It will be able to go faster so you can finish all tasks in a timely manner instead of waiting around for your PC. You can have the software do this task automatically or choose when you would like to delete broken shortcuts.

Uninstall Manager

The uninstall manager with FixCleanRepair will work to uninstall all programs you no longer wish to use including outdated software. Many times there are programs installed in your PC that you are not using, which adds up to space being used for these programs that you could be using for more important software programs. With FixCleanRepair, the uninstall manager can do all the work and clean up this mess with only a touch of your mouse! Then you will have more space for all kinds of new programs and your computer will run faster than before at the same time.

Startup Manager

When you turn on your computer, there are various startup programs that must also start up if you want your computer to run properly. On the other hand, there are programs that startup at the same time of your PC that you do not need to start up at this time. These programs make your computer startup slow and may even cause your computer to freeze if there are many different programs all starting up at the same time. With FixCleanRepair, it will manage the programs and ensure the programs that are needed including the ones you wish to start up at the same time will start up quickly and others will not start up until you want to use them.

The main reason is that you will never have to worrying about your computers performance again. Fix, Clean, and Repair stops the loss of the PC’s performance that is the root of a slower computer. The program offers features that will ensure you reverse any problems so you can regain any of the functions you may have lost quickly and effortlessly.



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