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This ebook “Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight” presents a different approach to body weight control. If your aim is a slimmer body and more energy than you have had in years, this course is more powerful than any diet you have ever tried. It is not a diet. It is a detailed course that brings about far better weight control than old-fashioned diets ever could. In this program, we will not compromise.

We will use all the aspects that are known to promote long-term healthy weight control. You will definitely improve your metabolic rate through food selection, change your menu from calorie-dense junk foods to meals with a much better nutrient makeup, and bring in other ways to burn fats more effectively. This guide was created because most diet programs have not been very effective. Many are simply too weak to get final results.

Note: On this post you will find only short advices for lose weight with eating right food..You can download full version of this book from the link in the end of this article.. Download is easy and fast..

Many other use an artificial “formula method” that no one could live with completely. They may cause an amazing weight loss for a few weeks, followed by a huge weight gain back to and beyond the starting point. These aggravating results are caused by the poor design of the diet plans.

Right now there is a much better solution. For years, specialists have used many different kinds of diets to increase health: diets to help people lose weight, lower their cholesterol levels, or deal with various health problems. From these researches, it is clear that there are specific factors that are vital to success in long-term weight control..

Basic Concepts

We need to think differently about the technique to losing body weight. Ignore old-fashioned diet plans. Currently there are very good factors why they do not work good. Your body was not designed recently. The human body took shape millions of years ago, long before diets were developed. At that time, the lack of food meant only one thing, hunger, and if the body could not cope with the lack of food, the final result was dangerous.

So we have built-in systems to protect ourselves in the face of low food intake. These defenses are instantly put to work. When you go on a low-calorie diet, you know that you are doing so to lose body weight. But your body does not know that. As far as your body is concerned you are starving, and it will trigger a number of organic mechanisms to try and stop you.

Our bodies work the same way. We burn some calories even when we are relaxing or asleep because it takes energy to maintain our normal body temperature and to keep our lungs, heart, brain, and other organs working. When we engage in activities, the more strenuous they are, the more calories we burn.

Dieting Slows Your Metabolism

The point to bear in mind is that your metabolic rate can be changed. In a period of starvation or dieting, the body system slows down the metabolism. The body does not recognize the concept of dieting. Remember, as far as your body is concerned, a diet is starvation, and it does not know how long the hunger period will last.

image containts example of slow metabolism

So it sticks to its fat like a motorist running out of gas preserves gasoline. Remember the last time you were driving along the highway and suddenly noticed that the gas gauge was below empty? You tried to remember how far below “E” your gauge will go. You went easy on the gas, driving a vehicle very perfectly, and turned off the engine at stop lights to use less gas until you got to a station.

Your body does the same sort of thing when food is in short supply. It turns down the metabolic flame to save as much of the fat on your body as possible until the starvation period is over, because fat is the body’s fuel reservoir. This is very irritating to dieters. They often find that, even though they are eating very little, their bodies do not easily shed the pounds.

Right Measure of Calories Per Day

Perhaps even worse, the slowed metabolism can continue beyond the dieting period, sometimes for weeks, according to studies at the University of Pennsylvania and elsewhere.1 For that reason, fat is quickly and rapidly collected again after the dieting period. This causes the familiar yo-yo phenomenon, in which dieters lose some weight, then rebound to a higher weight than they started with.

right calores per day give ideal weight

In this article is the first step to keeping your metabolic rate up: Make sure that your diet plan includes at least 10 calories per pound of your ideal body weight. This indicates that if you are aiming for a weight of 150 pounds, your regular food selection should contain at least 1500 calories. Weight loss will be steady, but you will not slow your metabolism and, so, you will be able to keep your progress.

Avoiding Binges

There is another problem with skimpy eating. Not only does the body lower its metabolic flame to conserve energy, but it also gets ready to take maximal advantage of any food source it finds. When food becomes available, there is a tremendous tendency to binge, in what is known as the restrainedeater phenomenon.

imasge with women that binge eating

You know the pattern. You have been dieting for several days, and suddenly someone brings home a carton of ice cream. A little bit won’t hurt, you decide, and before you know it you are scraping the bottom of the carton and digging around the cracks for every last bit. You then scold yourself for your “lack of willpower.”

Lose Weight Eating No-Fat Food and Learn Recipes

The truth is that the problem was not willpower at all, but the innate biological programming of the human body. The diet turned on the “anti-starvation” plan that is built into every human being. Your body assumed that any food in front of you might be the only calorie source you might have for a while, so it demanded a binge.

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