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Get Even

An FPS produced by Polish developer The Farm 51, primarily understood for the NecrovisioN franchise and the most recent installation in the Painkiller series. The video game informs a story of a

911 Operator

If there’s something weird in your area who you going to call? No, not Ghostbusters, however that’s close. In real life you ‘d probably call 911, wouldn’t you? Thanks to 911 Operator

Mass Effect Andromeda

The 4th part of the extremely popular action RPG video game series in a space-opera setting. BioWare Montreal, the advancement studio that helped develop the two previous installations took the reins of

Conan Exiles

Embed in the universe of Conan, a sandbox action video game with survival functions, developed by a group at Norwegian Funcom, primarily known for its adventure cycle The Longest Journey and the

Sniper Elite 4

The 4th significant installation in the popular tactical first-person shooter series by Rebellion, in which we presume the function of a skilled sniper battling on various fronts of the World War II.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is another installation in among the most popular series in the history of computer game. The video game was launched at first on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Syberia 3

A follow up to a popular experience video game series developed by the Belgian comic artist Benoit Sokal and Microids Studio, launched over a years after the 2nd part. The story concentrates

The Forest

A first-person point of view (FPP) sandbox survival scary video game. The Forest is the work of an independent studio SKS Games, understood generally for the smart device hit, End Night. The

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