GeForce GTX 970 and 980 HOF Liquid Cooled Editions

Working in-conjunction with Diamond Cooling based in Europe, KFA2 has actually gotten a water cooling option developed to completely release the raw capacity of the GTX 980 and 970 HOF graphics cards with the extraordinary cooling ability required for extreme overclocks.

Diamond Cooling Ltd was formally begun in 2014 by two case modders with an enthusiasm for water cooling and pressing the limits of customized case design. The most significant hurdle in individualization was the absence of a custom water cooling solution to fit the special needs of mod makers and their unique jobs. The group initially came together as a collaboration to develop custom hardware for their own tasks, but it had not been long before they began making their services offered to other lovers with the comparable customized requirements. Therefore, Diamond Cooling was founded and the possibilities of custom construct to buy hardware were opened as long as the modding neighborhood as a whole.

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The design philosophy for the new Hall of Popularity waterblock is based on five pillars of efficiency cooler engineering: Complete PCB protection, active cooling for all essential elements, no top cover plates hiding parts of the block, a clean yet strong design and absolutely no compromise in cooling effectiveness and coolant circulation. Just the very best materials make it for the waterblock’s construction, guaranteeing remarkable quality in every piece. All hardware is made in the United Kingdom.

To attain the most reliable cooling possible, both blocks designs require an arrangement of microfins above the GPU itself for optimum heat transfer. Both video memory and VRMs are actively cooled with direct water block contact and close distance to coolant circulation. The design of the water channel is totally bidirectional with equivalent flow in any configuration, rendering the choice of input/output connections unimportant to efficiency and making it perfect for complicated multi-card SLI setups. Universal 1/4 inch fittings were utilized for the coolant ports, making it suitable with essentially any watercooling system.

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The waterblock is readily available in 2 designs: A white acetal top and a PETG acrylic transparent top. The white acetyl leading covers the PCB and all its parts end-to-end with an opaque white finish, while the transparent PETG acrylic leading provides a crystal clear view of the PCB. The PETG acrylic option extends the complete length of the card as well, however with the included benefit of making the whole water channel visible for extra impact. Both style are developed around a nickel plated complete copper waterblock.


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