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An FPS produced by Polish developer The Farm 51, primarily understood for the NecrovisioN franchise and the most recent installation in the Painkiller series. The video game informs a story of a guy whose occupation involves connecting up loose ends for federal governments and influential individuals. The lead character’s scenario makes complex when among his potential victims decides to battle back. The story exists from the twin viewpoints of the 2 equaling characters.

Get Even for PC/ Windows is a scary FPS shooter, integrating two linked stories with the newest developments in computer innovation. The game was developed by Polish studio The Farm 51, understood for action adventure video game Deadfall Adventures, shooter NecroVision and the last installation in the Painkiller series. Members of the studio have likewise worked on such hits as The Witcher and Two Worlds II.


The video game tells the story of a man named Black, whose task is to conceal numerous info and troublesome truths at the demand of governments and prominent world figures. In his understanding, the truth is only exactly what he manages to reveal or conceal from individuals. Regrettably, really often there are innocent victims of his work. Up until now whatever went smoothly. Nevertheless, the circumstance becomes complicated when among Black’s prospective victims decides to combat back.

Get Even for PC/ Windows is an innovative production likewise in regards to the technical options used. The title is powered by the newest generation of Unreal Engine, however the video game graphics are based upon 3D scans of genuine locations and characters. The technology was developed by the studio in partnership with research study organizations and external specialists, and for the very first time it is implemented in video games in such a scale. It leads to really photorealistic graphics, highly rated since the very first discussion of the title.


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