Grand Theft Auto 2 In Real Life (VIDEO)

GTA 2 is most likely one of the least discussed Grand Theft Automobile video games out there next to the portable video games. Some innovative gamers from the Czech Republic have actually chosen to pay a bit of a love letter to GTA 2 by recreating elements of the video game in real life. Have a look at the video below, directed by YouTuber Vojta Paul.

I was extremely curious how they would manage GTA in reality but they managed to do it with unexpected precision. The video begins off with the typical fart (something you might do when pushing the ‘Horn’ button when not in an automobile) and proceeds to see the character dedicate grand theft automobile, ultimately get pursued by the police officers, arrested and afterwards tossed out of the cop vehicle. The main character then takes a car, drives to the location where the objective directed him to conserve the girl in red, and instead of completing the mission he gets an Eliminate Craze power-up and continues to kill everyone in sight before being taken down by the police officers.



The video has actually gotten a great deal of appreciation for its authenticity to the gameplay of GTA 2, along with the drone precision that was used to movie the whole thing. In some cases the whole thing appeared surreal considered that it almost looked much like the video game.

GTA 2 had not been among those video games that stood apart extremely as much as the shift that was made with GTA 3. The 2nd video game is generally deemed the black horse GTA video game out of the entire bunch since for one thing it was embeddeded in an odd time zone that was type of like Gothic-punk in theme and design. GTA 3 chose to return to the traditional modern setting that was introduced in the original GTA and made the switch to a third-person camera view, giving the video game a great third-person action video game feel to it.

Ever since GTA has actually progressed as a franchise into this mammoth pop-cultural icon, with lots of follows up and working as building that racks in billions for Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive.

It’s sort of strange seeing this live-action machinima of GTA 2 considered that the game had not been truly one of the more popular of the series however it behaves to see it getting a bit of love however.

With the continued appeal of GTA V and the GTA Online multiplayer spin-off, maybe one day down the line we’ll see Rockstar return to the GTA 2 roots and drain another video game set within the alternate timeline recommended by the second game. The cars and architecture appeared like they were mirrored after Tim Burton’s Batman but at the same time it was supposed to be set in the future. It would produce one intriguing third-person experience (or first-person, if Rockstar chooses to keep the new view mode moving forward).


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