Dota 2 בטא מחדש היא כרגע אונליין (חדשות)

דוטה 2 מוכן לשחק

שסתום יש רשמית התגלגל בטא הראשונה עבור דוטה 2 להיוולד מחדש. הם נכנסו לתוך פירוט קיצוני על כמה פונקציות חדשות כי הם כעת אפשרי דוטה 2 הודות החידושים שמספק מקור של שסתום 2 מנוע משחק וידאו. . זה קצת מוזר כי המקור 2 הוא שהוצגה דרך Dota MOBA חינם-כדי-הפעל 2, עם זאת זה פשוט איך שסתום לחמניות.

בדרך Dota הרשמי 2 אתר אינטרנט הם פירוט איך המקור 2 מנוע מתבצע שימוש ב MOBA. קלט השהיה מופחתת, מתן אפשרות גיימרים לבצע מיומנויות ועובר הרבה יותר מהר, דוטה 2. כמו כן השתפרה אופטימיזציה עבור בביצועים על שתי מערכות מחשב חדש וישן, זה מרמז כי המשחק בהחלט תהיה הרבה יותר קצב הפריימים ואריזה אפילו על מחשבים ניידים.

מקור 2 is likewise created from the ground up to support multithreaded prioritization and streaming. Now that last one may appear a bit confusing but what it suggests is that if you have a computer system or laptop with several CPU cores it’ll ensure that all of them are used in a proper way which the video game is running as smoothly and as quick as possible without taxing just a couple of cores at a time, which is what occurs in some video games like Arma.

The engine upgrade also brings enhanced rendering performance to the table. This is necessary for making maps quickly and easy in Dota 2 without having to fret about limiting your vision due to engine constraints. Lots of map makers for Garry’s Mod would constantly whine about the constraints they confronted with the Source Engine when making maps in Hammer. For Dota 2 that constraint is not in play and you can get imaginative with the different game types, video game modes and video game maps that you produce the popular MOBA title.



The Source 2 also includes better physics, and they remain in the process of putting advanced cloth and things simulation physics. I feel like a lot of video games nowadays might be so much more immersive with interactive physics and it’s great to see that the software application technology when it comes to physics simulations are now at a point where they can work together with more properly priced hardware innovation.

And last but not least, in concerns to the Source 2, Valve has made it known that the engine will certainly be keyed and all set for Mac and Linux users, with native OpenGL support so you will not need to make use of wrappers to obtain the graphics running clean and excellent in a few of your preferred Linux-supported titles, such as Dota 2.

The beta for Reborn likewise brings with it the integrated combination for the Source Filmmaker. This is a very huge thing since it implies you can quickly use assets, prefabricated products and items from Dota 2 and manipulate them utilizing the brand-new and improved Source 2-powered Source Filmmaker.

That’s right, the Source Filmmaker has been upgraded in the Source 2 engine to permit more control over character and things rigging, 64-bit rendering support for longer and more complex films and instant H. 264/AAC encoding support so you can output to an MP4 on the fly.

You can sign-up for the Dota 2 Reborn beta right now by paying a visit to the main web site or simply discover more about the brand-new features that Valve executed into the popular free-to-play MOBA.

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