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Hello Neighbor

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In Hello Neighbor, we presume the function of a normal resident of a rural home, who most likely hasn’t check out Moby Dick, and begins to think that his next-door neighbor holds some awful trick. To validate his suspicions, he chooses to slip into his next-door neighbor’s cellar. It will not be a simple job given that the guy is really alert and, if provoked, will stop at absolutely nothing to reduce the effects of any hazard to his personal privacy.

Hello Neighbor for PC/ Windows is a stealth action video game. Its main mechanic is the innovative expert system that lets the next-door neighbor keep in mind the gamers actions to predict his future relocations. Preventing detection– vital to finish the video game– hence ends up being more complicated the more the gamer takes a comparable course while attempting to slip past the next-door neighbor. Often taken thrashings are rapidly equipped with traps (that avoid escape), challenges (such as boards in windows), and alarms (like video cameras positioned occasionally).


The gamer can utilize decoys to sidetrack the next-door neighbor and control the environment in such a way that makes detection harder for the villain. We can utilize lots of physical items that can be communicated with, (for instance, we can take the lightbulb from a light to avoid the next-door neighbor from changing the light on), a loud TELEVISION or a radio, and even draw the next-door neighbor into the traps that he set himself.

Hello Neighbor provides us access to modest stock area where gamer can briefly keep crucial plot products such as secrets. If spotted, in order not to lose the important products, we need to keep up these tools back to the lead character’s home. Otherwise, apart from rebooting a level, we lose all products we’ve gathered.
Technical elements

Hello Neighbor for PC/ Windows is powered by Unreal Engine 4. The designers developed vibrant cartoonish graphics which provides an intriguing contrast with the gameplay’s troubling environment.


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