How to fix Call of Duty Advanced Warfare FPS Drops and Crashes

fix all errors in call of duty advanced warfare
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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released today, November 3, on Steam and many players encountered errors and they were unable to start or to play the game.The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Errors that they encountered are: Random Crashes, Stuttering, FPS Drops, Installation Crash and Game Won’t Start.They tried to fix them but nothing helped so our team managed to create this tutorial for you to fix this errors.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crashes, players reported that their game crashes after playing somewhere between 5-10 minutes on SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer also, below you can see what some players say about this error:

Game crashes in both multiplayer and singleplayer after playing somewhere between 5-10 minutes.It says that the display driver crashes.

I just launched the game and it can’t STOP crashing.

I can’t get this game to work, any game type. Sometimes the level won’t load at all, sometimes it will load but then quickly crash. The error sometimes says that it’s a low memory problem.

My game keeps crashing on Multiplayer at the most i can play 5 min before it crashes while on Singleplayer i can play at the most around 30 minutes before it crashes.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Stuttering, some players reported that they have some serious problems with stuttering in the the game when playing or when loading the levels.

When my game levels load the game keeps suttering, how can i fix that?

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare FPS Drops, some players reported to have low FPS or FPS Drops in SinglePlayer and MultiPlayer.

I had 0 fps drops in multiplayer other then on the one map with the tsunami event.. yet singleplayer seems to have fps drops constantly.

It would seem that during loading scenes the FPS drops considarably.

When i’m starting the game, the intro video is terribly slow, like 5 fps, stucks every second.Then, after it finishes and the game starts, its also lagging, and the textures look like Minecraft.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Won’t Start, for some players the game won’t start, when they click “Play” in Steam nothing happens or they encounter an error like this “Failed to Start Game (Unkown Error)“..

fix all advanced warfare errors


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Installation Crash, some people can’t install their game or they are encountering installing crashes and for some the game is still encrypted.

“I spent a good few hours letting it install all 50GB from the disk, just to find out that it only installed a part of the multiplayer portion of the game. I did all the usual checks (verify integrity of game cache etc), but nope, in all of it’s infinite wisdom, Steam and the games installer just decided to not install the singleplayer.

Fair enough I guess. So I went to reinstall – got exactly half way through the install process, and it stopped – no errors, no prompts – it just stayed on 5013MB complete with the timer steadily increasing, much like my irritability.

When I restarted steam, both the singleplayer and multiplayer were gone. Like gone … as if they were never there, and I’d just imagined the last 3 hours of my life as I watched numbers tick steadily across my screen.

Any subsequent tries at reinstalling via disk give me the same 5013MB stuck problem.
I’m now being forced to download the game and waste valuable bandwidth – speaking of wastes, what a waste of time and a complete piece of garbage Valve and Sledgehammer Games have spawned together.

I’m not looking for a solution, I want to get it out that you shouldn’t bother with the retail version of the game and its six plastic drink coasters.”

I put the disk in start the install then comes up with steam error and just stays on preparing install but it won’t install the game.

“Any having issues with Advanced Warfare? I Pre-ordered it, but it’s still encrypted. I live in the United States, I have tried restarted Steam -several times-, and it’s a pre-ordered copy and the devs said that all pre-ordered copies count for Day Zero.”

Fix all Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Errors

Our Get-Cracked Team of developers managed to create an Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Errors Fix Patch that can fix all of these errors that i talked above.After applying our patch you will be able to start and play the game, with no bugs or glitches.Our patch will not interfere with upcoming updates of the game or with your Steam account, the game and your account will STAY SAFE! What our patch does: it simply just modifies some files from the game installation folder in order for the game to work properly and for the selected error to be optimized and fixed.Below you can see a tutorial on how to properly use our patch and a download link..

advanced warfare patch update download


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Errors Fix Patch: Instructions

1) Download the patch from here: DOWNLOAD

2) After you downloaded extract the patch archive on your PC and open the patch.

3) Select the folder where you installed the game, if you installed it with the default steam folder it will be: “C:/Program Files x(86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”

4) Select your graphics card: AMD or Nvidia and our patch will verify the compatibility of your card and update if needed.

5) From the ‘Errors‘ box in the right select the error or errors that you want to fix.

6) Click ‘Verify&Patch‘ and wait until the patching is done, a ‘Successfully patched‘ message will appear.Now you can start and play the game!

We hope that our Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Errors Fix Patch will fix your errors and that you will be able to play and enjoy this amazing game.If you encounter errors when using our patch or you don’t know how to use it please contact us with a comment below or with our Contact Page and we will help you fix your game. Get-Cracked Team

Download Instructions:

We upload “COD Advanced Warfare Patch” to (mediafire v2) to be long as possible online and available for download..


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