GTA 5 iCEnhancer Mod prikazuje grafički nadogradnje (VIDEO)

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Novi video je nastao od trenutne napore u modding scena za GTA V, koji se kreće duž vrlo polako ali sigurno. Hajsam Keilany, grafički inženjer iza popularne iCEnhancer mod za GTA videoigre– Temelji se na mjerenje do ENB shader mods mimo Boris Vorontsov– ima novi pred alfa mod koji par igrača zapravo testirani. Nekada, Hajsam Keilany bio malo razočaran s GTA V obzirom da modding video igra je puno više težak nego GTA IV, Ali on je trenutno raspravlja njegovu Facebook stranicu tako da će se vratiti na mjesto mod za rad njegova sjena magija na GTA V.

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The huge difference in between the two is that GTA IV enabled users to quickly access the video game files without needing any third-party software application to actually modify them outside of a general full-screen editor … yes, even Note pad could be used to make large modifications in GTA games. It’s not like that in GTA V, the whole game is locked down tight and all the files that modders would generally have the ability to utilize to change the graphics are secured.

With all that stated, the video above reveals the restrictions of Keilany not having the ability to completely dive into the video game files of GTA V. Many of the commenters on YouTube declare that they can’t even see a difference in the game and that this pre-alpha version of the iCEnhancer doesn’t truly improve the game.



It’s a reasonable argument due to the fact that when you see the iCEnhancer in action above the only thing you can keep in mind is that the fog is gone which the colors appear to pop a bit more. That’s about it.

Much better shadows, reflections, dither, depth of field and light rays are still a methods off.

It’s at least great that modders are still tough at work on GTA V in spite of the obstacles of trying to overcome the modding constraints in place. And while Rockstar is a-okay with single-player mods existing in the game, as reported on Forbes.

There’s no actual time-stamp on when we’ll actually see the outstanding, incredibly incredible mods that made GTA IV as cool as it was regardless of the piss-poor optimization. As soon as modders break through Rockstar’s file encryption process anticipate a deluge of news surrounding incredibly cool mods and huge developments from mods like Hayssam Keilany’s iCEnhancer.


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