Batman: Arkham lovag értékesítési felfüggesztett (HÍREK)

new batman game pc problems

Warner Bros felfüggesztette az értékesítési Batman: Követően széles körű jelentések, hogy a videó-játék volt a platform nem lejátszható PC Arkham lovag. Ez volt romlott, a számtalan kedvezőtlen felhasználói értékelések és szabványosított rendszer kikötések amit ez futás még rosszabb, mint az otthoni konzolok.

PC Gamer megtalálható a teljes nyilatkozat, hogy volt kifüggesztett a Warner Bros az online fórum ahol a Közösség vezetője, Yorick, kifejtette, hogy a WB volt Elnézést a kérdés, melyik ők azon fáradoznak, hogy vigyázzon a problémát.

A Batman: Arkham rajongók valójában folyamatosan támogatták a franchise, a siker a jelenlegi magasság, akarunk-hoz köszönöm részére a kitartás, mint mi dolgozik-hoz szállít egy frissített változata, és Batman: Arkham lovag on PC so you can all delight in the last chapter of the Batman: Arkham series as it was implied to be played.

Over on the Steam store at the moment the video game is listed as no longer readily available for purchase, and that they are dealing with getting a fix out to deal with the issues for the PC version of Batman: Arkham lovag.

The video game is still listed as being scheduled to show up for SteamOS, Mac and Linux this fall, however in the interim Warner Bros will certainly have to handle the mad crowds who have actually become restless with PC ports for games that don’t deal with release.

Batman Arkham pc problem

Some users with Nvidia Maxwell cards and 16GB of RAM are claiming that the video game works fine for them, but simply about everybody with an AMD card are keeping in mind that Arkham Knight runs extremely improperly. The AMD concern were acknowledged by Warner Bros Games, where they provided a response about ways to get good efficiency on an AMD device; the approach included turning the graphics to their bare minimum, making it look even worse than the house consoles and running it at 720p. Even then they noted that with a 30fps hard-lock the video game still experienced some loading concerns and stuttering.



Lots of people have actually positioned the blame on Iron Galaxy Games, egy 12 person studio who was reportedly liable for porting the video game to PC and not Rocksteady Games, as detailed in a report by Shacknews.

Players have presumed that the team wasn’t fairly capable of managing the port which’s part of the reason the PC variation came out the method that it did.

Others have resigned to believe that this is still a noticeable concern connected to Nvidia’s remarkable however requiring GameWorks API, which has, in the past, proven to be harmful to the efficiency of games, especially Project CARS and The Witcher 3.

For now, PC gamers who acquired Batman: Arkham Knight are being motivated to look for refunds and those who have not acquired it won’t have the ability to doing this until Warner Bros works with the suitable developers to obtain Arkham Knight fixed and running effectively on PC.

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