Halott Birodalom teljes PC játék letöltés


We present to you the new and updated Halott Birodalom teljes PC játék..Vagyunk büszke arra, hogy, minden kedves rajongó, for FREE, a new, 100% munka- és legális Halott Birodalom teljes PC játék..Teszteltük ezt a játékot, mielőtt annak érdekében, hogy az állami, és minden, amit mondhatok "Fogd meg most"..

Zavaros, halott birodalma nem felmérés nincs jelszó az interneten keres. Ne aggódj getproductcode biztosítja a halottak birodalmában Steam játék repedt hoz letölt részére szabad. Személyesen vagyok élvezem a játék, mint a prémium játékosok a kiadások különbözete. A játék letölthető az alábbi linkre.

Ingyenes halott Birodalom teljes PC játék

Dead Realm is 3BLACKDOT’s first PC Multiplayer game and has been tested thoroughly to give users the best experience possible. We strongly believe that our game will give users a great experience, but we still welcome and encourage feedback.

We need the community to tell us what they think about all aspects of the game and what they would like to see in it. We will do our best to listen carefully to what the community wants and make every effort to add new content as we grow Dead Realm. We want to make Dead Realm as much your game as it is ours..

Dead Realm Video Gameplay


It’s been almost 100 years since a reclusive electricity tycoon named William Huxley murdered his family and staff in the most grisly fashion. Among the dead were Huxley’s son, Baby William, and his henchman, the “Wolfman.” Now you and your friends must enter Huxley’s shadowy world to find special artifacts and uncover his secrets before you are killed.


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Dead Realm is a creepy, multiplayer action game with beautiful, magával ragadó környezetben. You can play as either a Ghost or a Human character and work with your friends to run, hide, survive… or die. .

The original concept for Dead Realm was to create a few game types that were simple in nature, while also being addictively fun to play with friends. Our intentions have always been to work with the community to constantly develop new ghost & human characters, new maps, and new game types. Végül, we developed this game to not only be fun to play, but also fun to watch. That being said, we encourage you to capture and share your most terrifying gameplay moments.

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  • clain  szerint:

    Köszönöm, working fine for me

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