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Shenmue 3 Van már megdöntve minden rekordot

Shenmue 3 Törés rekordok

Yu Suzuki Shenmue 3 egyszerűen sikerült megtörni a rekordot, finanszírozott végződő fel a legnagyobb tömeg, hogy a számítógépes játék a Kickstarter platform. A videó-játék valójában épített ki több mint $5,553,470, csak verte ki Koji Igarashi igavania tömeg-támogatás, szószólója a lelki jogutód to Castlevania nevű Bloodstained: Rituális az éjszaka.

A GameSpot tett egy darab különböző Kickstarter feladatokat, és mennyi a tömeg-támogatás, nehéz játékosok dolgoztak, figyelembe véve, hogy Kickstarter elején numerikus összehasonlítása. Igarashi meg véres: Az éjszaka rituális sikerült $5,545,991, de Suzuki Shenmue 3 kezelni, hogy megverte ez mellett egyszerűen, alig $10 ezer.

Suzuki Shenmue 3 tudna esetleg a végén így egyszerűen egy kicsit több, mint egy utolsó támadás előtt a egész dolog véget ér (as of the writing of this article it still has about a couple of hours left on the clock). As discussed over on Kickstarter update page, the team will certainly be live-streaming the countdown to the ending of the video game’s crowd-funding project on Kickstarter

Yu Suzuki will be joined with the Shenmue 3 project members in a special live broadcast to count down the final hours as the Kickstarter project comes to a close. Scheduled to make an appearance are animation producer Hiroaki Takeuchi and main character designer Kenji Miyawaki.

Shenmue 3 may be the leading computer game crowd-funding effort on Kickstarter, but as mentioned by Gamespot, the game ranks behind other tasks like the Veronica Mars Movie, the Ouya and Exploding Kittens, amongst other jobs such as Pebble Time, which handled to rack up $20 million in crowd-funding.

To be fair none of those jobs compare to the supreme crowd-funding project known as Star Citizen, which handled more than $86 million in crowd-funding as Chris Roberts and the team at Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games are really hoping to make the greatest, most challenging, all-expansive area simulator ever developed.

The video game has actually had its reasonable share of criticism and problems, however it just goes to reveal you that die-hard fans will throw all sorts of cash at the screen to see a dream game come real.

In the case, of Shenmue 3 I believe the game did splendid on the Kickstarter front, bringing in $5 million on a goal initially set at $2 millió.

The video game sustained a couple of obstructions in the media when individuals questioned Sony’s participation with the video game after they at first unveiled it on their phase throughout their E3 2015 sajtókonferencia. It was among the few games that were constantly highly asked for however no one expected to in fact see the game ever get made.

Shenmue 3 Pótkocsi

Shenmue 3 managed to share a stage with The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy VII Remake, making it among the huge 3 games that many people visualized as vapor-titles. It looks like Suzuki’s game has actually managed to strike all the essential objectives for becoming a genuine video game, even if it didn’t handle the $10 million mark that the developer had so frantically wanted to bring thefull visionof Shenmue III to life.

On the upside, it was exposed that there are some secret financiers putting some dimes and dollars into the project and so hopefully we’ll see a completely recognized variation of the game when it lastly does get released.

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