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Meg barátait klasszikus olasz receptek eBook 2017

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Klasszikus meg barátait is egy nosztalgikus, generációs receptkönyv egy történetet elmondani. Átitatott olasz kultúra nyúlik vissza, a századfordulón, Rao’s on 114th Street and Pleasant Avenue in East Harlem is the focal point, setting, and backdrop of the narrative. One of my earliest memories dates back to 1976, on a late autumn Sunday afternoon.

Note From The Author

I was seven years old and visiting my great-aunt and uncle, Annie and Vincent, for Sunday dinner with my parents. Their brownstone, and the birthplace of my great-uncle Vincent in 1903, was just fifty feet away from the ruby red doors of where Rao’s still stands today. This book is a journey through eras of tranquility and turbulence, and of times of celebration followed by sudden downturns...