Intel Quad Core Skylake Processor Specs and Photos

A Chinese site released possible requirements of 10 Core i5 and i7 series 6000 processors. Shared are pictures and specifications for 10 CPUs that are SkyLake microarchitecture based. According to the website these processors will certainly be revealed at the Intel Designer Online forum fooling fall.

On the web site BenchLife they now published of 10 processors from the Skylake generation. The web site in fact has photo’s from among the processors, likely the Core i5 6400T, a 35 Watts TDP processor. Back in June 2014 there currently have been details posted about the coming Skylake processor architecture from intel, the successor to Intel’s Broadwell and Haswell processors.

intel processor information 2015


The brand-new processors will certainly be made on 14nm, really like Broadwell. Numerous models will certainly be presented for power reliable systems, desktops and laptop computers. The processor will certainly fir into socket 1151, which comes with a brand-new chipset too, probably the series 100. These processors will likely support ddr4 and ddr3l memory. The specifications and pghoto’s that now have actually surfaced cover the desktop models with TDPs of 35, 65 and 95W. The i7 designs will get hyper-threading, the K designs an unlocked multiplier and much better voltage setup.

intel cpu 2015


intel cpu benchmark 2015


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