Advanced Warfare DirectX FIX (encountered an unrecoverable error) FIXED

義務高度な戦 directx 修正の呼び出しを修正する方法が発生、回復不能です

You have problem to run Call of Duty Advanced Warfare? You get the error “directx encountered an unrecoverable” .. Well then you come to right place, here is the fix for directx 10 and advanced warfare..I’m certain there isn’t anyone reading this that’s uninitiated with the DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error, but as a quick overview this error fires on compatible machines with compatible software and completely prevents these titles from opening. The “DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error” is a bug. An annoying bug..This is working directx fix..

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DirectX Fix Encountered an Unrecoverable Error Fixed

I first want to isolate the variable of an incompatible machine or software, so if you know your machine is up-to-date and compatible skip this section. This is brief because I’m sure if you’ve contacted support you’re tired of them insulting your intelligence by having you recheck your specs a hundred times and uninstall reinstall the game and your drivers.

Error Screenshot

義務高度な戦 directx 修正の呼び出しを修正する方法が発生、回復不能です


Your problem will be fixed with our get-cracked advanced warfare fix..I use a gaming rig with the television across the room and don’t want to have to toggle font settings for ONE game that doesn’t have proper optimization. I also don’t like doing Activision’s quality assurance, so I feel your frustration.

Just follow our directx fix instructions below..

1. Go to your Windows System32 folder ( C:\Windows\System32 ), find and run dxcpl.exe

2. In the “Scope” section of the window, click on the “Edit List…” button and enter the location of your Call Of Duty : Advanced Warfare executable ( s1_sp64_ship.exe or s1_mp64_ship ), then press the “Add” button and the “Ok” button

3. In the “Device Settings” section of the window, set the “Feature level limit” へ “11_0” and be sure to check “Force WARP

4. Press Apply/OK and there you have it. You can now start the game..

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advanced warfare directx fix error on directx 10 graphics cards


7 コメントへ Advanced Warfare DirectX FIX (encountered an unrecoverable error) FIXED

  • hehdhs  言う:


    • admin  言う:

      私にとっては働いた, しかし、directx を取得する必要がありますだと思う 11 グラフィックス カード。.

  • Hardc0r3Br0n3  言う:

    Dxclp.exe を持っていません。…?
    しかし Directx11 をあります。, dxdiag.exe があるから! Dxdiag 内部それがあるという!

  • padunic  言う:

    私フォルダー system32 に dxcpl.exe を持っていません。. 私の DX は、 11.

    Please, 助けてください.

  • Missaka  言う:

    私は dx11 サポート vga カード ok が dxcpl の私のバージョンでは、デバイスの設定] セクションがないです。. please help. Dx SDK の私のバージョンは 6 月です。 2010.

    Dxcpl をダウンロードしてインストール directX SDK を持っていない場合.

  • Wanderson  言う:


  • ニティン・サルカール  言う:

    私はdxcplを持っていません . 私は、DirectXを持っています 11.


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