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ちょうど原因について 3 ビデオ ゲーム

Just Cause 3 is open world action-adventure video game developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix..Just Cause 3 is an open world third-person action-adventure game that will be set on a fictional Mediterranean island known as Medici with Rico Rodriguez set as the protagonist. The map size has been confirmed to be similar to that of the setting of Just Cause 2 と 400 square miles (1,000 km2) being dedicated for the new setting.

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The Mediterranean republic of Medici is suffering under the brutal control of General Di Ravello, 力のための飽くなき食欲と独裁者. リコ ・ ロドリゲスを入力してください。, 必要な任意の手段によって一般のホールド力を破壊するミッションで男. With over 400 海底と巨大なアーセナル兵器の空からの完全な自由の平方マイル, ガジェットと車, prepare to unleash chaos in the most creative and explosive ways you can imagine.

Just Cause 3 Gameplay (Video)


The development of the game began in 2012.The development of Just Cause 3 was handled by Avalanche Studiossatellite studio in New York, which have around 75 staff members, while the main studio in Sweden will focus on the development of Mad Max, which was announced in 2013.The control of the game received an overhaul, and several members from Criterion Games, the developer of the popular racing video game series Burnout, joined the studios and worked on the vehicle handling of the game..



Intel CPU: Core i3-560 3.3GHz
AMD CPU: 天才II X4 805
NVidia GPU: GeForce GT 730 V2
AMD GPU: Radeon R7 240 v2 2GB
OS :Win Xp 32 ビット
DirectX: DX 9
HDD : 15GB


Intel CPU: Core i7-860 Quad 2.80GHz
AMD CPU: FX-8120
NVidia GPU: GeForce GTX 750 Ti
AMD GPU: Radeon HD 7850
OS: 勝利 7 64 ビット
DirectX: DX 11
HDD : 15 GB



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