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The interesting and good java programming guide to forming softwares on the Android platform. The recognition of the Android industry is skyrocketing with no sign of slowing down. The open nature of the Android OS provides designers the liberty to access the platform’s abilities and this simple overview walks you through the steps for creating amazing Android apps.

Android programming specialist Donn Felker clarifies how to download the SDK, get Eclipse up and running, code Android applications, and submit your completed products to the Android Market. Featuring two sample programs, this introductory book explores everything from the simple basics to more advanced elements of the Android system.

Learn to:

-Create an Android program from start to finish
-Master basic Java development concepts and techniques
-Assemble the pieces and debug your applications
-Handle programming challenges

How This PDF Book Is Organized

This particular e-book is divided into subsections, which are organized into areas, which come together to make phases, which are abided, finally, into five parts (like one of those Russian matryoshka dolls). It introduces you to the major suggestions behind Java and Android software growth and walks you through the setup of the needed software products. You also run a few easy Java and Android programs.

java programming tutorial by barry burd

If you’ve tried some Java Programming and want more, you can find what you need in this part of the book. This part’s phases are committed to details– the things you don’t see when you first glance at the product. This part includes some fully practical Android apps. Here you’ll find instances of fantastically weird code, a disquisition on classes and things, a quick look at using Android Asset Studio, an even more Parts of Ten chapter, and much more.

Getting Started with Java Programming for Android Developers

Before Java became popular, running a computer program involved one translation step. Someone (or something) translated the code that a developer wrote into more cryptic code that a computer could actually execute. But then Java came along and added an extra translation layer, and then Android added another layer. This section describes all those layers.

What is a compiler?
A Java program (such as an Android application program) undergoes several translation steps between the time you write the program and the time a processor runs the program. One of the reasons is simple: Instructions that are convenient for processors to run are not convenient for people to write.

Table of Contents -Chapters

All About Java and Android
Getting the Tools That You Need
Running Standard Java Programs
Creating an Android App
Writing Your Own Java Programs
Java’s Building Blocks
What Java Does (and When)
Working With The Big Picture
Saving Time And Money: Reusing Existing Code
Powering Android with Java Code
An Android Social Media App
Hungry Burds: A Simple Android Game

eBook Size: 10mb
Chapters: 16
Price: Free

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Occasionally, I hear from a reader who says something like this: “If I read this whole book, will I know everything I have to know about Java?” The answer is always “No, no and no!” (That’s not only one “no.” It’s “no” times three.) No matter what topic you study, there’s always more and more to learn. So keep reading, keep practicing, keep learning.. Download this eBook from link above and learn something about Android Programming.. Enjoy


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