Lords Of The Fallen 2 Confirmed for 2017

Lords of the Fallen 2 to launch in 2017
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The sleeper hit from Deck13 Interactive CI Games is getting a follow up. CI Games has actually validated that Lords of the Fallen 2 is coming for house consoles and PC however it will not be showing up till 2017. Likewise, Deck13 will not be going back to helm the property development of the title.Eurogamer is reporting that Lords of the Fallen has actually managed to sell around 900,000 copies throughout the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC. The success of the game has prompted CI Games to begin exploring methods to bring the sequel to life.

They do not offer a factor why, however it’s discussed that Deck13 Interactive will not have any part of front-lining the advancement for the sequel of Lords of the Fallen. Instead, it’s pointed out that numerous partners will certainly be stepping in assistance out. CI Games’ CEO Marek Tyminski commented about the approaching game, telling Eurogamer …

Lords of the Fallen 2 in Development

It’s intriguing that we’re seeing the publisher basically advance and say that they have other developers who will be taking over the project. It advises me of when producers have the rights to a movie and fire the director and team to induce a new team to bring the film to life the method they imagined it.

Nevertheless, Lords of the Fallen, to be a brand brand-new IP, amassed extremely a bit of favorable feedback and a lot reasonable testimonials. Of course, it was usually compared to Dark Souls by fans but most people appreciated the hard-nosed method to the dungeon crawling experience with an intriguing battle system and a different selection of distinct weapons.

But according to Tyminski, Deck13 and CI felt it finest to part ways, stating …

Lords of the Fallen 2 Coming in 2017

He points out that they learned not to offer any concrete release dates too early so rather of discussing release dates Tyminiski simply makes it known that the video game will certainly show up in 2017.

I do find it a little suspect that a game can go from its conceptual design stage to a full fledged product within the period of simply 2 years, especially after the initial designers have parted methods from the project.

When reusing possessions or copying over particular design prototypes it would make sense that a follow up might get produced so rapidly, but according to Tyminiski they’re changing up how they’re doing the production for the sequel of Lords of the Fallen to allegedly make production “more effective”.

The CEO of Deck13 likewise pointed out that at one point they had a hundred Chinese artist working on the original Lords of the Fallen, and the outsourcing was one method to speed up the property development …

Lords Of The Fallen 2 Early Development Confirmed

So apparently they’ll remain to have the Chinese procure art assets for them while they contract another advancement studio to actually design the video game. It’s a fascinating method to tackle property development.

I simply hope that next Lords of the Fallen video game is a correct successor to the original. It has a great deal of prospective if the brand is managed effectively, so we’ll see what CI Games has in shop for gamers when 2017 rolls around.



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