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Превземи Инструкции:

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About Battlefield Hardline Video Game

Battlefield Hardline is a first-person shooter video game developed by Visceral Games in collaboration with EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts.The focus of the game is thewar on crime”, breaking away from the military setting that hitherto characterized the series. Како такви, the main factions in Hardline are the police Special Response Units and criminals. Players have access to various military-grade weapons and vehicles, such as the Lenco BearCat, as well as having police equipment such as tasers and handcuffs.

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In 2012, Nick Mendoza and Detective Carl Stoddard (Travis Willingham) make a drug bust that goes violent. After arresting a suspect, Captain Julian Dawes (Benito Martinez) has Nick partner up with Khai Minh Dao to follow a lead to cocaine broker Tyson Latchford (Adam J. Harrington). Forcing his associate Tap Milstein (David DeSantos) to wear a wire, they find a new drug called Hot Shot being sold in the streets of Miami and rescue Tyson from a group of armed men. In the process Khai is wounded, putting her out of action for several weeks.

Battlefield Hardline Gameplay (Видео)


Battlefield Hardline was revealed on an EA blog post by Vice President and General Manager of Visceral Games, Steve Papoutsis. The game was due for announcement during E3 2014, but information was leaked early.Unlike other games in the Battlefield franchise that feature military warfare, Hardline features acops and robbersgameplay style..

Системски побарувања:

OS: ПРОЗОРЦИ 8 64-BIT (with KB971512 Update)
MEMORY: 8 GB RAM меморија
GRAPHICS CARD: AMD Radeon R9 290, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
DirectX 11

OS: WINDOWS VISTA SP2 64-BIT (with KB971512 Update)
PROCESSOR: Athlon II/Phenom II 2.8 GHz, Intel Core i3/i5 2.4GHz
MEMORY: 4 GB RAM меморија
GRAPHICS CARD: ATI Radeon HD 5770 (1 GB), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 (896 МБ)
DirectX 11


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