мафија III

Игра корица

Мафија III е отворен свет акција видео игра за гангстери. Насловот е произведен од страна на неодамна формираниот Hangar 13 студиото, работат под Земете-Две Интерактивен. The studio works with ex-members of 2K Czech (formerly referred to as Illusion Softworks), the group behind the very first 2 parts of the series. This brand-new video game by the Czech studio was launched on PC and, for the very first time in history of the series, on the 8 generation consoles.

The video game is embeded in the year 1968, New Orleans. The primary character is Lincoln Clay, a veteran of the Vietnam war and a mafia member. His ‘householdwas betrayed and performed without grace. The primary style of the video game is vengeance on the individual accountable for eliminating Lincoln’s folksSal Marcano, the put on of Italian mob, who bought the massacre. In his mission Clay can comply with other criminal employers, consisting of an Irish gangster called Burke, Cassandra, the head of Haitian gang, and Vito Scaletta, the lead character of Mafia II.

Mafia video games have actually constantly been set in open worlds, in terms of gameplay the 3rd part comes closer to the contending Grand Theft Auto series. The streets of New Orleans are filled with numerous additional activities, which you are complimentary to finish in between primary objectives. Among the greatest distinctions in between Mafia and GTA is the expert system of New Orleanspeople. To the lead character, non-player characters can engage in different activities. You can come throughout couples kissing, addicts enjoying their routine, or street artists.

Another brand-new aspect of key value is the alternative of taking control of hideouts of hostile gangs. After cleaning up a specific place you can hand it down to among your capos. This produces different benefits, e.g. a choice to contact the ‘cavalryto assist you eliminate challengers chasing you, or pay off the cops to drop a pursuit.

This time the lead character has a much broader spectrum of capabilities. Lincoln can use handguns, revolvers, shotguns, gatling gun, and grenades, although it is possible to bring just 2 kinds of weapons at the very same time. The video game likewise includes a cover system and vibrant hand-to-hand battle, consisting of ruthless knock-downs. Another crucial aspect of gameplay is shooting while owning a cars and truckthe owning itself was considerably enhanced. Mafia III has a combined health regrowth system. Health bar is divided into 3 sectors, which restore immediately unless they drop to absolutely nowhen that occurs, you need to utilize a medkit to fill them up.

In contrast to the last 2 Mafia video games, which bore more similarity to action-adventure video games, Mafia III for PC/ Windows makes a huge action to a sandbox story, which is an unique attribute of the GTA series. Both franchises belong to Take-Two Interactive, the 2 designers utilize their own options in terms of gameplay and innovation. The general gameplay experience is even more improved by outstanding graphics.


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