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Call of Duty: Црна Ops 3 Излези (ВЕСТИ)

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Activision, се очекува да се направи комплетна пронаоѓање на Call of Duty: Црна Ops 3 овој викенд. Their great unveiling has actually been spoiled by leakages of vital details about the game.The first leak, a pre-order poster from GameStop published on NeoGAF, says that Call of Duty: Црна Ops 3 will certainly be debuting on November 6th. That would be a Friday, which is somewhat atypical for North American publishers (they prefer Tuesdays). A Friday release date would make launch marathons a lot much easier to draw off.

Pre-ordering Black Ops 3 will obviously grant you access to a beta. This beta, according to GameStop’s poster, will be restricted to PS4, Xbox Еден и компјутер. There’s no mention of when the test will certainly be held, иако.

Another set of Black Ops 3 advertising materials leaked t...

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