Гледајте кучиња 2

Игра корица

Гледајте кучиња 2 за PC е следбеник на отворен свет акција видео игра Гледајте кучиња (2014). Во почетната видео игра, гејмер беше обезбедена можност да се заврши се познавања хакер кој раководи со Митрополитот објекти и различни gadgets интеракција, користење на сет на моден ден Gizmos. На 2-ри инсталација, исто така, е произведен од страна на внатрешниот студија Ubisoft е предводена од страна на Ubisoft Montreal – групата зад производството на ваквите популарни франшизи како Far Cry, Убиец на верата, Принцот од Персија, Том Clancy е Splinter Cell или најактуелните инсталации во Виножито Шест серија на Том Clancy е.


За разлика од сериозноста и мрачна средина на првата инсталација, Гледајте кучиња 2 provides the gamer with a more unwinded technique to the formula of a hacking-themed open-world video game. The action is embeded in an entirely brand-new town, which is San Francisco this time. The gamer presumes the function of Marcus Holloway, though exactly what is truly essential is that he belongs to Dedseca group event regional hackers. Dedsec’s members share an objective, which is to ruin the Central Operating System, they are likewise focused just on enjoying their “работа”. Hence Watch Dogs 2 uses an environment that is substantially more unwinded than exactly what might be felt when playing the initial video gamea grim avenger was the lens through which the virtual world was viewed.


обично, Гледајте кучиња 2 for PC/ Windows does not wander off far from the gameplay formula of the initial Watch Dogs. Како резултат, it is once again an open-world, third-person action video game which looks like the famous Grand Theft Auto series in regards to the mechanics. The Watch Dogs series differentiates itself by providing the gamer a chance to hack the environments with a really broad set of gizmos– Гледајте кучиња 2 certainly brings an extension to this element of gameplay. The gamer can control lorries, as well as other ecological things in a larger range of methods. Apart from this, the gamer can carry out the so-called mass-hacks, permitting to take control over a variety of gadgets at the exact same time (на пример,, the mobile phones of pedestrians).


Marcus Holloway has a set of completely brand-new gizmos at his disposal, such as a flying drone, an RC cars and truck or a weapon produced utilizing a 3D printer. The developers were concentrated on providing more liberty of technique to the gamer, who can finish subsequent story objectives in a range of methods, depending upon their choices (for example, slipping or reducing the effects of opponents in open battle). Both the owning physics and the method the lead character relocations were enhanced. In the latter case, it deserves pointing out that Marcus Holloway is a competent freerunning practicioner.

Game Modes

In Watch Dogs 2 for PC/ Windows, the crucial function is certainly a comprehensive, single-player project providing a large set of side-activities apart from story-based objectives. The video game does not do not have a multiplayer experience, which is incorporated with the solo mode, in accordance with the newest patterns. Thanks to this, the gamer is continuously gotten in touch with their pals, even when taking pleasure in the story mode. Therefore one can participate in stated side-activities, a few of which are cooperation-oriented, or those permitting multiplayer competitors.

Системски побарувања

Intel Core i5 3470 3.2 GHz/AMD FX 8120 3.9 GHz,
8 GB,
graphic card 4 GB GeForce 970/Radeon R9 290 или подобро,
50 GB HDD,
Прозорци 7(SP1)/8.1/10 64-малку

Intel Core i5 2400S 2.5 GHz/AMD FX 6120 3.5 GHz,
6 GB,
graphic card 2 GB GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7870 или подобро,
50 GB HDD,
Прозорци 7(SP1)/8.1/10 64-малку


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