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Final Fantasy IV: After Years Finally Available On Steam

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For fans of the timeless RPG, Final Fantasy IV, you’ll be delighted to understand that the direct follow up, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, is now available on Steam. Prepare for some traditional questing on your PC. There will certainly be chocobos.A lot of folks aren’t even knowledgeable about that Square Enix made a follow-up to among the very first games in the Final Fantasy series, mainly due to the fact that its a decently recent video game. While FFIV initially hit the marketplace way back in 1991, The After Years didn’t come around till 2008, initially releasing as a mobile video game in Japan and ultimately making its way West.

It’s been a long period of time coming, but The After Years has actually lastly made its method (legally) to PC, available beginning today on Steam for...

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