É a máfia 3 Prestes a ser anunciado? (NOTÍCIAS)

máfia 3 próximo jogo

Faz vários anos dado que vimos um novo vídeo game da máfia. O título de gangster do mundo aberto finalmente parou com a máfia 2 método de volta 2010. Parece apropriado que talvez Take-Two e 2K Games teria algo da loja para os jogadores, dados o lapso de 5 anos sem qualquer novos títulos de Mafia. Que poderia estar alterando com uma possível nova entrada na série popular. Mais sobre NeoGaf há um thread mostrando que Take-Two, a instalação do pai da 2K Games, Só recentemente comprado domínios para Mafia3TheGame.com, MafiaIIITheGame.com, MafiaThree.com e MafiaThreeTheGame.com.

NeoGaf encontrados a mudança no site de dispositivos do domínio alterações diárias, onde mantinham-se em mente que a Take-Two inicialmente fez a compra de atividade do servidor o nome volta no dia 25 de junho, simplesmente alguns dias atrás.

It seems a little weird that they would sign up 4 domains and not just choose the normal MafiaTheGame.com domain? Nowadays most video games going through a franchise simply stick to a single name. Solutions like Capcom for example have fixed to merely using ResidentEvil.com instead of mathematical values thereafter. Even Activision has avoided tossing numbers and subtitles in the domain name and have actually decided to merely direct people to CallofDuty.com for Call of Duty games.

De fato, in the specific case of Call of Duty there was once a circumstances where somebody purchased up numerous Call of Duty domains in an effort to obtain Activision to pay them for the domains. Sim, it was domain squatting and they were attempting to extort Activision out of some cointo make some gains on stated squatting.

However returning to Mafiait was currently speculated formerly that 2K should revive the series. It’s a highly concerned series with a deep and rich style set around the gangster culture during the early 20th century. The first game was set throughout the 1930s and the second game followed through with a setting that covered the 40s and 50s.

The Mafia games were open-world titles similar to Grand Theft Auto however they were not fairly as satirical or excessive. The very first video game was fairly straight laced and prepared for copycats like EA’s The Godfather. Mafia II took things a step even more by making the city even larger, having the story cover the gritty tales of a mobster attempting to increasing to power and concentrating on the thematic age of the 40s and 50s, simply after the war.

A great deal of players have expressed enjoyment about the possibility of a 3rd Mafia video game due to the fact that with today’s technology it indicates that 2K Games can things a step additionally than exactly what they achieved with the second video game. Whether a threequel is actually in the works stays to be seen, but we a minimum of understand that Take-Two Games are already protecting websites for the title and likely evaluating the responses throughout core pc gaming communities to see whether or not players are all set for the criminal underworld title to make a look on the eighth-gen consoles.

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