Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V este o altă instalare în printre cele mai populare serii în istoria de joc pe calculator. Joc video a fost lansat la început pe Xbox 360 și PlayStation 3 în 2013. Variaţie pentru sisteme de calcul este o ediţie lărgită şi îmbunătăţită a titlul iniţial. Acesta oferă asistenţă completă pentru rezoluţii de ecran mare. Texturi si modele tridimensionale rămân în mai bună calitate. Lumea joc video este mai mult de viaţă datorită crescut varietate de autoturisme şi camioane în trafic şi pietoni. Sistem de iluminare, autoturisme şi camioane daune şi starea vremii, de asemenea, luat accesorii. Există, de asemenea, nou-nouţ obiective, arme, cars and alternatives of characters personalization. Developers wanted gamers who previously purchased GTA V for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360they can move their characters from GTA Online on console to PC variation of the video game.

Grand Theft Auto V provides you 3 entirely various characters: Michael– a previous bank burglar from the East Coast, now being under the witness defense program; Trevorretired military pilot struggling with mental illness; and Franklinboy from the ghetto, gathering automobiles from debtors of a regional Armenian dealership. Each of them represents other social background, provided in the video game in an in-depth way. The story and gameplay allow changing in between those 3 characters at any time, so you can rapidly check out the world of Los Santos and constantly remain in the center of the action.

The primary city of Grand Theft Auto VLos Santosand its varied environments (mountains, deserturi, cliffs, fields, valleys, military bases as well as the seaside zone of the city with submarine canyons and reef) are the biggest world ever developed by the Rockstar North designers. It is the result of many explorations blended with analytical information on the California population. Nearly each aspect of the city appears extremely naturalfrom the habits patterns of private pedestrians, to the most popular cars discovered on the streets and traffic management system.

The expedition of the world provided in Grand Theft Auto V is spiced with mini-games (tennis, yoga, golf and so on), however the core are the objectives throughout which you manage one, 2 or perhaps 3 caractere. Typically, your objectives concentrate on robbing a store or a bank, nevertheless there are likewise random objectives set off in numerous places. A few of them associate with the characterspals or members of their households, hence exploring their individual stories. Michael needs to resolve household issues with his spouse Amanda and kids (Tracy and Jimmy), Trevor wanders around with Ron, who sees conspiracy theories all over, while Franklin needs to handle his insane buddies, de exemplu. Lamar.

The developers use you various carsfrom bikes to water helicopters, scooters and planes. The automobile owning system has actually been enhanced and now looks like these discovered in racing video games. din nou, the video game includes Ammu-Nation weapon store. Melee abilities gain in value. The designers chose to go back to the system that customizes character statistics, adică. utilize specific abilities (de exemplu. shooting or owning lorries) to master them. You can gather cash to invest it on devices, clothing, automobile, luxury yachts as well as property. An intriguing enhancement of the financial system is stock exchange which is even included in a number of story objectives.

When it concerns the audiovisual layer, the video game uses a vibrant soundtrack completely adjusting to the rate of on- screen occasions. The graphics is based upon a customized variation of the engine developed by Rockstar Games, adică. RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine). It makes it possible for rendering big locations of the video game world and includes innovative system of lighting and shading simulation.

GTA V uses comprehensive video gaming network called GTA Online. In multiplayer mode gamers produce their characters and level them up by finishing objectives or small obstaclesgang wars, parachuting or racing. 16 individuals can participate in a single video game session playing in one world. Gamers can battle with each other, arrange attacks or take different jobs (these occasions are for 2-10 individuals).


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    I really want this

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    gta5 is the best game ever

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