Скачать потребность в скорости 2015 Полная Игра


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Мы все знаем, что цена большинство игр в настоящее время доступны не все. Они являются чрезвычайно высокими, иногда даже не доступна для вашей страны. This is NOT what you want.Using our website, you can easily download and install your OWN Need for Speed 2015 Полное треснувший игры и начать играть СЕГОДНЯ, Не имеет значения, в какой стране вы от..

Мы очень рады, что мы можем поделиться с вами. We worked on this Need for Speed 2015 Игры и трещины действительно трудно, Таким образом, в ответ мы ожидаем, что вы цените в нашей работе..

О Need For Speed ​​Reboot 2015 Game

need for speed 2015 free pc gameNeed for Speed Reboot is an open world racing video game developed by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 и Xbox Один. It is the twenty-first major installment in the long-running Need for Speed series, and a full reboot of the franchise. It will mark the second eighth generation installment and it will be the first time a game in the main series will be released as an eighth-generation console exclusive..

Following the 2010 release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, EA’s own developer Criterion Games, developers of the award-winning racing video game series Burnout, was given stewardship of the Need for Speed franchise with 2012’s Need for Speed: Самых разыскиваемых. In a 2012 interview, Most Wanted executive producer Matt Webster told that while all future Need for Speed games may not be developed by Criterion, but that the studio would have creative oversight of the franchise moving forward.

After just one year later, during a Gamescom interview with Need for Speed Rivals and Hot Pursuit executive producer Marcus Nilsson told that the newly created Ghost Games studio was now in charge of the franchise; about 80 percent of Criterion was working on Rivals with the remaining group working on a mysteriousnew project.A month later, vice president and creative director of Criterion Games, Alex Ward announced that 60 to 65 people moved from Criterion over to Ghost Games UK, seemingly permanently, to work on Rivals and the franchise, leaving about 20 at Criterion.

Геймплей скриншоты

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The title will require an online connection in order to play.This includes both singleplayer and multiplayer, as this will allow a player’s friends to interact with them and their narrative.Up to 6 players can participate in an online session.

AllDrive will allow players to join each other, interact with each other, and participate in races with improvements being made based on feedback of its implementation in Need for Speed: Соперники. The AllDrive system will be supported with fully dedicated servers.

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Системные требования

Operating System: Окна 7,8,10 64-бит
Процессор: AMD Six-Core CPU; Intel Quad-Core CPU
Free Hard Drive Space: 30ГБ
Графическая карта: AMD Radeon 7870 или выше; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 или выше
Графическая память: 2ГБ


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