Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook Download

This specific book is all about eating well shortly after weight loss surgery. (If you’re looking for info on the types of surgery accessible, check out Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies.) At the beginning of this book we walk you through the four phases of your postsurgery diet and provide plenty of advice about living […]

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Rao’s Classic Italian Recipes eBook 2017

Rao’s Classic is a nostalgic, generational recipe book with a story to tell. Steeped in Italian culture dating back to the turn of the century, Rao’s on 114th Street and Pleasant Avenue in East Harlem is the focal point, setting, and backdrop of the narrative. One of my earliest memories dates back to 1976, on […]

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Dog Training eBook Download 2017

This Dog Training eBook primarily focuses on training and training workouts in a step-by-step method. It offers fewer concepts and approach, and rather provides more real training methods with dog training suggestions. The most famous existing method of training is a technique of positive support. The actions is enhanced using food, kindness or applauding. This […]

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How To Find Ideal Wedding Destination Book Download

I am a qualified professional wedding destination and planner, and I’m informing you that without the ideal tools and assistance, attempting to do it yourself (DIY) for your location wedding is a terrible idea.If you’re dedicated to organizing your own wedding hundreds of miles away from home, do it the right way from the start […]

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