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Je ritem temelji teče video igra, ki ima trenutno 21 uradnih ravneh in skoraj 30 million online levels made by people in the neighborhood. Other features of the game include a level editor, map packs, user-created levels, secret coins, and a fantastic variety of icons and video game modes, as well as user coins, two shops and three vaults in the most current versions.

Geometry Dash uses a simple tapping/clicking system to manage various vehicles that react when a player presses anywhere on the touchscreen (space/up key(s), mouse, or “Abutton if playing on the PC version) and can be held down to continuously interact (on some lorries). Users can not manage the speed at which the icon is moving, the only method to alter speed is by touching a speed changing website. The timing and rhythm of the in-game music are key parts of the game, typically in relation to each other.

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