Sniper Elite 4

igra kritje

4. pomembna namestitev v seriji priljubljenih taktično prvo osebo strelec, z upor, v katerih domnevamo funkcijo kvalificiranih Ostrostrelec bori na različnih frontah prve svetovne vojne. In Sniper Elite 4, we manage Karl Fairburne, the lead character of the previous video games, who is sent out from North Africa to the Apennine Peninsula. His mission is to cooperate with the Italian resistance in order to help the Allied forces that are pressing to the north.

Sniper Elite 4 for PC/ Windows is the fourth installment of the popular first-person tactical shooters where we presume the function of a skilled sniper who battles on different fronts of the World War II. The production was established by Rebelliona British studio. Contrary to many contemporary titles in the category, the Sniper Elite series puts a much greater emphasis on reasonable leisure of bullet trajectory and behavior.

The very first video game in the franchise, launched in 2005, took us to the besieged Berlin right before the end of the war. In the 2012 Sniper Elite V2, the players went back to the capital of the Third Reich, however the designers broadened on the gameplay systems and modernized the formula of the original. Sniper Elite III: Afrika from 2014 allowed us to combat Germans in the North Africa. In 2016, Rebellion revealed that the series offered over 10 million copies worldwide.

In Sniper Elite 4, we assume the function of Karl Fairburne, the lead character of the previous installments of the series, who is sent out from North Africa to the Apennine Peninsula. Alongside the Italian resistance motion, he is attempting to help Allies who are pressing north against the fiercely withstanding Germans.

Sniper Elite 4 for PC/ Windows broadens the solutions of Sniper Elite III: Afrika. Our job is to remove subsequent targets as efficiently as possible. The players have total liberty in selecting whether to eliminate them from afar or otherwise. The large sandbox levels let us be innovative in this respect. While moving, we need to be cautious of German patrols along with military installations and lorries. The maps portray Nazi fortresses, stunning Italian towns, forests, and monasteries.

When conjecturing, we need to think about not just the opponentposition but also such aspects as the speed and direction of the wind as well as, for example, the gravity effect on the bullet’s trajectory covering the given distance.


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