Syberia 3

igra kritje

Nadaljevanje priljubljena izkušnje video igre serije belgijski stripovski ustvarjalec Benoit Sokal in Microids Studio, začela v letih po 2. del. Zgodba se osredotoča na izkušnje Kate Walker, mladi pravni zastopnik, katerih dejavnost, rojen obresti, in avanturizem spraviti vozlane v popolnoma novo skrivnost.

Skozi video igre, vključno s tradicionalno mehanika point-and-klik, zadovoljiti celotno zverinjak znakov razumeti iz prejšnjih namestitev v seriji, Poleg litega brand-new junaki, consisting of Still Life’s lead character and an FBI representative Victoria McPherson. Despite of utilizing complete 3D graphics that changed hand drawn backgrounds, the video game includes the particular art work design constant with previous video games.

Both the 2002 Syberia and its follow-up from 2004Syberia IIshowed to be a business and creative success. The developers, led by Belgian cartoonist Benoît Sokal and studio Microids creator, Eliott Grassianno, took their time dealing with the extension, for which the gamers needed to wait an entire years.

The story gets the styles presented in the earlier chapters. We discover the fate of young legal representative Kate Walker and her buddies. Totally brand-new characters are signing up with the video game, consisting of an FBI representative Victoria McPherson (lead character of the Still Life series).

For the very first time in the cycle’s history, the developers chose to use a three-dimensional visual environment, which changed the fixed hand-drawn backgrounds, particular for the 2nd and very first part. The advancement group under the instructions of Benoît Sokal made an effort to preserve the environment and coherence of Siberia’s universe regardless of the visual modifications.


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