Acer pokreće 3440 x 1440 IPS zakrivljeni Monitor (NOVOSTI)

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Acer najavio XR341CKA prikaz, To je 34-inčni zaokružen 21:9 Ултра-широк Леново са НВИДИА Г-Синц компатибилности. Овај монитор долази са ДТС буке, 2к7В звучници, Дизајн зеро-рам са футуристички алуминијума базе и избора амбијентално осветљење.

The Самсунг КСР341ЦКА витрине округла 21:9 УлтраВиде КХД (3440 x 1440) Резолуција ИПС сцреен екрана (75Хз) са углом гледања од 178 степени, снабдевање је богато искуство у видео играма и забаву са више свеобухватан поглед. Он подржава 100 % од сРГБ скале боја, испоруку прецизну репродукцију боја жељени од стране професионалаца дизајна и слике ентузијаста за прецизно слагање боја преко апликације и штампом.

Заобљеним екран ставља сваки углу екрана у истом опсегу од очију клијента, providing a consistent watching experience. It can provides a more immersive experience with a larger field of view and increased viewed area of peripheral vision as compared to a flat display screen of the exact same size. The XR341CKA can be set up in a multi-monitor setup for an even richer video gaming experience, thanks to its zero-frame design.

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Acer remains to display its dedication to PC video gaming with the intro of their brand-new NVIDIA G-SYNC-enabled XR341CKA video gaming display,” stated Jeff Fisher, senior vice-president of the GeForce business device at NVIDIA. “The favored choice of PC gamers all over is a GeForce GTX GPU, which when coupleded with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology is the only platform to provide an ultra-smooth video gaming experience across the whole spectrum of PC video games.”.

For gamers, the XR341CKA supports numerous functions that enable them to fine tune the display’s performance, consisting of 6-axis color modification enabled by NVIDIA G-SYNC, on-screen display of refresh rate, and three various aim-point icons to select from. Users can quickly determine when G-SYNC mode is on through a red ambient light at the lower edge of the display, which strength changes according to the rapid screen refresh rate.


  • Curved 34-inch 21:9 УлтраВиде КХД (3440 x 1440) display with IPS technology for 178-degree viewing angles and deep immersion in gaming
    NVIDIA G-SYNC technology minimizes stutter and screen tear
    DTS® sound, 2x7W speakers and futuristic aluminum base present world-class sound with style

Developed with ergonomics in mind, the XR341CKA can be tilted from -5 ° to 35 ° and changed vertically approximately 130 mm, allowing the user to adjust the display to the most comfortable seeing angle. It also showcases flicker-less innovation to reduce eye fatigue for a more comfortable video gaming or working experience.

The XR341CKA supports DisplayPort and HDMI inputs, and has an integrated USB 3.0 hub which supports high-speed charging of smartphones and other devices.

Rates and Accessibility

The Acer XR341CKA monitor will certainly be readily available in North America in September with prices beginning at US$ 1,299, in EMEA in August with rates beginning at EUR1,399, and in China in September with rates starting at ¥ 8,999. Precise specifications, rates, and availability will certainly differ by area

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