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Activision će, kako se očekuje, napraviti kompletnu dolaska Call of Duty: Crne operacije 3 ovog vikenda. Њихова велика Разоткривање је заправо квари цурења виталних детаље о гаме.Тхе првог цурења, унапред наручити плакат од ГамеСтоп објављен на НеоГАФ, каже да је Цалл оф Дути: Crne operacije 3 ће свакако бити дебутинг 6. новембра. То би било у петак, што је донекле атипично за Сјеверне Америке издавача (они воле уторком). Петак датум изласка би покретање маратони а лот много лакше да скрене са.

Ауто-наручивања Блацк Опс 3 очито ће дати приступ бета. Ова бета, према ГамеСтоп постера, ће бити ограничена на ПС4, Xbox 1 i PC. Нема помена о томе када ће свакако бити одржан тест, мада.

Други сет Блацк Опс од 3 advertising materials leaked through Reddit were even more helpful. Like multiplayer characters, the campaign characters can be completely personalized with clothing, capabilities and weapons. To make sure that gamers dive back into the objectives over and over, Treyarch is making the levels more open-ended andarena-styleso that various techniques can be used.

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The competitive multiplayer, meanwhile, will make use of anew momentum-based chain-movement system.Gamers will certainly climb, slide and leap throughout the map, most likely with the help of futuristic cybernetics. I guess Treyarch wants Black Ops 3’s multiplayer to be as active as Advanced Warfare’s. The maps are being developed to take full use of gamer’s new movement abilities however can likewise be approached in the conventional manner also. Maybe they’re planning a classic playlist with all the agility improvements switched off?

Multiplayer development is being remodelled too. In addition to ranking up and earning brand-new attachments for their weapons, players will likewise master each multiplayer character’sbattle-hardened capabilities and weapons.”.

When Call of Duty: Crne operacije 3 was initially announced, the video game’s internet site disclosed there will certainly be a zombies mode. This mode is stated to feature an all-new story at launch. There’s also a full XP-based development system so players will become more powerful through slaying the undead.

The “reveal trailerfor Black Ops 3 is anticipated on Sunday at 10 am Pacific, or 1 PM Eastern. Most likely this trailer will certainly consist of a long look at the shooter’s gameplay. It might validate some of the leaked information about the project but we may need to wait up until this summer to find out more about the multiplayer.

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