G.SKILL nudi 128GB DDR4 komplet 2800 MHz (memorija)

ddr4 memory

Ako je potrebno da taj mali deo dodatne memorije, ГЕИЛ можда има савршен избор за вас јер пружају прву и најбржи ДДР4 128ГБ(16ГБк8) комплет на 2800МХз тешке брзини. То је невероватан успех за бренд нови ДДР4 16ГБ модула који приказује Нокиа 8ГБ високе густине ИЦС.

Геил Међународна предузећа Цо, Лтд, водећи светски произвођач тешке меморије перформансе и чврстог стања складишта, је одушевљен да открије врло први светски ДДР4 128ГБ(16ГБк8) 2800МХз ЦЛ16-16-16 -36 1.35 В Мемори Кит заснован на најновијим 16ГБ способност потрошача ДДР4-класа меморијских модула. Ови високо способност меморијски модули су направљени са новим 8ГБ ИЦС произведених на текућем поступку 20нм направљеној, који се ефикасност у читавој нови ниво, Самсунг Елецтроницс.

128МБ ДДР4 Комплет

While 16GB ability have actually been readily available for server memory in the past, support and design for such big capacity memory modules are now paving its method to consumer memory modules, appropriate for workstation level workloads where high ability memory is important. These brand-new G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 series high ability memory kits can running in quad-channel at a grand total of 128GB, and have actually already been verified on the most recent ASUS X99 Rampage V Extreme motherboard with Intel Haswell-E processors. A stress-testing screenshot of the recently released memory kit with 16GB DDR4 modules can be sourced listed below.

Following the G.SKILL custom of high end memory kit releases, the new 16GB memory modules are readily available in kits of as long as 8 modules per kit, along with high performance frequencies from DDR4-2133MHz to DDR4-2800MHz. The dawn of a new high-density memory requirement is upon us.

bigest stick ddr4 memory


During advancement of these DDR4 16GB modules, we see amazing future capacity for 128GB (16ГБк8) memory kits in extreme high ability operation on upcoming platforms,” says Tequila Huang, Vice President of Research & Advancement, G.SKILL. “We will be seeing the beginning of a new set of standards for severe capability and efficiency DDR4 memory kits on both future and present computing platforms. Needless to state, we are really thrilled for this release.”.

This G.SKILL DDR4 128GB 2800MHz memory kit includes the most recent Intel XMP 2.0 conventional gotten for the Intel X99 platform. It supplies PC lovers a totally hassle-free overclocking experience to improve their systems for extreme levels of efficiency, while maintaining system stability.

All G.SKILL memory items come with a lifetime service warranty and the G.SKILL technical team is constantly ready to offer customers with total technical support via online forums, telephone and e-mail.


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