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Решетка 2 is the sequel to the racing video game Race Driver: Решетка. It was developed and published by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows, ПлаиСтатион 3 and Xbox 360The game includes numerous real world locations such as Paris, numerous United States locations, i još mnogo toga, and also includes motor vehicles spanning four decades. In addition, it includes a new handling system that developer Codemasters has dubbed ‘TrueFeel’, which aims to hit a sweet spot between realism and accessibility. Races do not include a first person cockpit view. The popular gamemodeDriftwas recently shown in a gameplay preview by Codemasters.


Решетка 2 features no shortage of spectacular locations, and every one of them looks gorgeous. From the golden sunset above the construction cranes of Dubai to the glittering lights of nighttime Paris, these environments feature an exceptional attention to detail. The varied selection of cars looks just as great, no matter if they’re in pristine condition at the start of the race or shedding metalwork left and right via the game’s frighteningly convincing damage system. The whole presentation is simply top-notch, right on down to the immersive soundscape of roaring engines and squealing tires. The frame rate occasionally drops during vicious collisions, but for the most part, Решетка 2 is a smooth and technically impressive racing experience.


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There’s a lot more to Grid 2 than its impressive presentation. This is a robust package with a lengthy and exciting career mode. You’re constantly being introduced to new driving disciplines and event types. There are standard offerings such as elimination and time attack, as well as more specialized events such as drifting contests and touge, an automotive ballet where two cars race through narrow mountain roads and any collisions lead to an immediate disqualification.

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