Likvidatora: Agente 47 Besplatne igre CD ključ 2015


Ova besplatna likvidatora 2015 CD KEY hakujem je veoma lak za upotrebu zahvaljujući jednostavne platforme. Osim toga, On pruža najnovija ažuriranja za sve korisnike da se uverite da će novim funkcijama uživati svaki put kada je objavio nadogradnju u programu.

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Likvidatora 2015 Приколица

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About Game:

Likvidatora 2015 is a third-person stealth video game which allows players to take control of Agent 47, a well-trained assassin, as he progresses through different parts of the world to assassinate his target. As the game encourages creativity, players are allowed to use multiple ways to complete their objectives.For instance, they can utilise long-ranged weapons like sniper rifle to snipe their targets from a long distance, eliminate their targets directly by using explosives or the melee weapons featured in the game, such as axes and katanas.

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Players can also create distractions and disguise the assassinations by creating some seemingly accidental incidents. Once enemies are defeated, players can take their outfits and disguise themselves as them, which allows players to gain access to restricted areas more easily..Bonuses like new gadgets will be awarded to players in accordance to their performance during missions.Some missions are time-limited and will only appear once. If players fail to complete these mission on time, they will not be able to complete it again.


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