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Treba mi za brzinu resetovanje sledeću igru za PS4, Xbox 1 i PC

Treba mi za resetovanje brzina iz prikolice

“Treba mi za brzinu je među najpoznatija imena u za video igre, i mi ga vraćamo ostvarenje u ponovno pokretanje sistema,” Наведене Гхост Игре извршни произвођач Марцус Нилссон. “Повлачење наших 20 година историје, а потом узима од годину дана од покретања видео игре, правимо видео игру смо стално желео да. Плаћамо пажњу фанова и обезбеђивање искуство које ће сигурно ухвати своју креативност и ослободи њихов ентузијазам за возила и брзину.”.

Приколица иде уз саопштењу описао оно што можемо да изађемо из Неед фор Спеед рестарта: опен-свет Стреет Рацинг Видео игра са пуно модификација избора и ан “импресивно прича” tying the entire experience together. Among the personalization alternatives is highlighted in an early image: ornamental lights for your grill.

Required for Speed’s reboot is in property development at Ghost Games. Ghost Games co-developed Rivals with Criterion so this reboot will certainly be their very first time developing a video game in the series on their own.

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Speedhunters, the vehicle culture website had by EA, will certainly be assisting Ghost Games make sure that the video game is as genuine a representation of thecity vehicle sceneas possible. In revealing their deal with the NFS reboot, Speedhunters pointed out that the video game hasintentional cherry-picking of a few of the very best bits from the last 20 years worth of titles.They likewise guaranteed to share some behind-the-scenes stories about the property development.

EA revealed today that they’re restarting the Requirement for Speed franchise this fall. They have actually launched a trailer with some in-game video footage of the brand-new racing video game in property development for PS4, Xbox 1 i PC.

We’ll see a lot more of the video game on June 15th. EA strategies to share the complete gameplay trailer on that day, more than likely throughout their E3 interview.


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