Prvo izdanje Panasonic pametni TV sa Firefox OS

firefox os and panasonic

Iz Mozilla Firefox OS se već dugo vremena, али данас Сафари ОС је слетео у новом тржишту за први пут. Долази у Смарт телевизоре, почевши 6 дизајна у Панасониц ВИЕРА лине.Тхе Прве од тих телевизија су испоручена у Европу и требало би да буде доступан преко трговаца брзо, али у овом тренутку спецификације и информације су непознати. Мада 6 дизајни су заправо открива, број модела варира у зависности од нације, и могући клијенти не би требало да предвиди види више од једног или 2 дизајни лако доступне у своје нације у блиској будућности.

Шест модели доступни у Панасониц 2015 мудри ТВ-линија до су ЦР850, ЦР730, ЦКС800, ЦКС750, ЦКС700 и ЦКС680.

These TVs have actually been in development for a long time now. Mozilla and Panasonic initially started this partnership to develop Firefox OS-based smart Televisions back in January 2014.

During CES this year, Panasonic was displaying prototypes of these Televisions. Though a few of the specs may have changed during advancement, it is most likely these displays will be 4K devices much like the prototypes.



Through our partnership with Mozilla and the openness and versatility of Firefox OS, we have actually had the ability to produce a more user adjustable and friendly TELEVISION UI. This permits us to supply a much better user experience for our consumers offering a differentiator in the Smart TELEVISION market,” said Masahiro Shinada, Director of the TELEVISION Company Department at Panasonic Corporation.

One of the design objectives for these Firefox OS Smart Televisions was to be extremely enhanced for HTML5 in order to accomplish greater efficiency with web-based applications and services. In addition, Panasonic and Mozilla assert that making use of Firefox OS enables for a more intuitive and personalized design relative to other wise TVs. In addition, the majority of Firefox OS applications are Web-based and do not have to be stored on the gadget itself. This could help cut expenses a little by lowering the size of the storage device.

Panasonic hopes that this efficiency paired with the more special experience will certainly set its clever Televisions apart. The market for Firefox OS-based clever Televisions is just now being started by Panasonic, if sales of these screens are successful, the smart TELEVISION market will certainly delight in a strong rival to the likes of Samsung (Tizen OS) and LG (WebOS).

Firefox OS is an open platform, so other business need to have the ability to easily develop smart TELEVISION options with Firefox OS and enter the market, but Panasonic will have an initial advantage right here. Panasonic prepares to sell these Televisions worldwide, however presently just the European models are being shipped.

The cost of these Televisions and when they will reach other parts of the world is currently unidentified.


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