Parni sada Ban igrača iz igre (Razvojne programere)

ventil i paru

Ventil je zapravo sprovela nove funkcije za paru: способност за програмере да забрани играчима из својих игара. Поступак нова ставља много контроле понашању корисника и ограничења само у рукама оних који воде видео гаме.Ин је кратку најаву над на страници Стеам, Вентил је најавио да су дизајнери сада пружа могућност да забрани појединих играча из њихове видео игара. Зашто? Пошто нико суцхес као забављате са превараната.

Ако мислите да је ово нека врста тоталитарног поступка у месту да се обезбеди Стеам корисницима само разговарати дуге и нагласи поније … nije. The concept is to better help developers avoid server-hopping hackers avoid of the game for great. It’s explained on the community page simply enough, with Valve specifying

It’s not totally clear if this uses to single-player video games or just multiplayer games. A hacker discovered in a game like Counter-Strike: GO or Dota 2 is entrusted little recourse however to leave the video games for good if they get banned, considering that the multiplayer parts make up for the majority of the gameplay.

Exactly what’s not truly specified is exactly what happens for video games with single-player parts connected? Exactly what if someone gets banned from Red Orchestra 2 for unfaithful onlinedoes that likewise surrender them the capability to play the single-player part of the video game as well?

ban gamers from their games

And what about fitness instructors, mods and scripts? A video game like GTA on PC thrives on its modding community. While GTA IV had actually multiplayer as well, Rockstar would limit gamers with modded games to only playing with other people who also had actually mods installed. But what takes place with something like GTA V and the online mode? For as far as modders have actually found, there is no separate setup for modders to goof around in the game. So if Rockstar chooses to ban players for unfaithful in the GTA Online experience would that also forfeit them from being able to play the video game offline in the single-player modes also?

On the beginning I believe Valve has good objectives with this, due to the fact that as discussed above there are a great deal of server-hoppers who use hacks then move onto the next server after being prohibited by a server administrator. Preventing people like that from having access to the multiplayer appears reasonable. Then again, does that likewise prohibit them from the single-player? It appears a little terrible to entirely lock somebody out of a video game they did spend for.

Discussions throughout the internet also raise another great point: exactly what occurs when cases like The WarZ transpire? Exactly what happens when developers ban or block players to avoid them from exposing a rip-off? Exists an arbitration duration where a user can get an evaluation of the event? What occurs?

I make certain we’ll get more responses about this new feature, but in the meantime Valve has actually instructed curious players to call the designers for the particular video game to obtain more information about game bans.



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