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Tekken 7 Gigas karakter i Video prikolice

Gigas on tekken 7

Bandai Namco je objavio novu prikolicu za Tekken 7. Овај пут приколица рефлектори међу потпуно нови ликова на постави под називом Гигас. Лик је гигант, мишићави Грапплер са великим килограма-и-подземних потеза … заправо. Можете прегледати кроз приколицу испод из ГамесХКМедиа.Гигас је занимљив лик, што се тиче појављивања го. Он је све црвено, са својим непоменљиве ствари покривене мало шоље и његова глава скривена у гостима иза средње тражи маске. Тхе важне ствари које заиста издваја су сви они непримјењива цеви гутали око иза њега, као да је управо побегао из лабораторије.

Коментар простор испод ИоуТубе видео заправо испуњен са доста ствари духовитом, from people calling him Dr. Octopus on steroids, to others stating it’s the love-child of Bane and the Predator.

It’s very apparent he shares a great deal of resemblances in his design to the red Bane representation from the cartoon The Batman. The design is really, very similar. The battling steps likewise mirror, extremely closely, the kind of fighting style that Bane utilized in the cartoon.

Within the Tekken universe, Gigas shares resemblances to other big boxers like Jack and Marduk. He seems a close combination between the 2 ликови, having a combating design that mirrors pounding a challenger into the ground.

Tekken 7 Приколица


Some of the other remarks on the YouTube page likewise point out that this Gigas character could be Marduk all dressed to destroy. Their only evidence of this is that the battling designs are extremely similar. Marduk, introduced in Tekken 4, is a vale tudo boxer. He was among the characters that got a great deal of babble at the time because Mixed Martial Arts was beginning to make a return to the spotlight, and this was a good character to pay an homage to the underground nature of the sport.

It holds true that a great deal of Gigasmoves do mirror Marduk. I would associate that more to the Tekken team recycling comparable steps than it being story related. A great deal of the characters on the Tekken lineup share moves, from Bruce and Bryan to the Bear/Panda and Paul, the series is understood for move-sharing among some members of the roster. This certainly does not mean that Gigas and Marduk might not have some story ties, due to the fact that they extremely well could, however making the leap based on move-set alone seems a little misdirected.

Speaking of storywe have no idea much about this Gigas character however his design absolutely points to some sort of science experiment.

When Tekken 7 releases in the arcades at the end of the month over in Japan, I’m sure it won’t be long up until we discover out the entire story behind Gigas. The game is also anticipated to be a part of the EVO 2015 line-up this summer. Bandai Namco has yet to put an official release date on Tekken 7 in North America, however we do know that it’s operating on the Unreal Engine 4 and that it’s prepared for release on house consoles.

gigas on tekken 7


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