Windows 10 Na Xbox 1 (Gaming maksimalno)

xbox vs windows

Trenutno razumemo to Windows 10 Sigurno će doći do Kolebljivi puštanje, са ПЦ варијације предвиђене за почетак офф ствари крајем јула. Управо где су остали геџети спадају у распореду је непознати у међувремену, Међутим Мицрософт очекује да уведе платформу на паметне телефоне, таблете и више у блиској будућности. И захваљујући Спенцер, сада имамо концепт када да предвиди платформу на Ксбок Оне.

Ипак, сама брига референце у бета, указујући да мејнстрим Ксбок Оне власници не могу видјети ос до завршетка године или у К1 2016. Microsoft will likely let loose Windows 10 beta to Xbox One owners who register for the preview, just like exactly what Microsoft is finishing with the Insider Program for Windows-based desktop and smartphone consumers.

Business Vice President of Microsoft Video game Studios Phil Spencer just recently responded to a concern on Twitter relating to where the Xbox One console and Windows 10 marital relationship stands in relation to the Windows 10 release schedule. He stated that the release will certainly startpost-summer,” suggesting that Xbox One owners will not see Windows 10 on their consoles up until after the os is launched to the desktop/laptop crowd this summertime.



2 advantages of having an Xbox One and a desktop, tablet or smartphone with Windows 10 set up is video game streaming and cross-device multiplayer abilities. The video game streaming element must be evident: a Windows 10 laptop computer owner might pack up the Xbox app and stream The Evil Within from the Xbox One console stationed on the very same network.

Bringing Windows 10 to the Xbox One console is clear; Microsoft officers have actually mentioned for a while now that they desire one running system to rule all Windows gadgets covering from mobile to desktop to console. However exactly what will Windows 10 enhance the console aside from cross-play and video game streaming? We anticipate to see Microsoft lost more light on this secret next month throughout E3 2015 in Los Angeles.

The cross-device multiplayer element suggests that supporting video games will certainly permit an Xbox One player to play the exact same video game with a Windows 10 desktop owner. Microsoft offers an example, reporting that Fable Legends will certainly allow one gamer to function as a bad guy on Windows 10 PC and one gamer as a Hero on the Xbox One.


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